Monday, January 3, 2011

Of Green Stuff and Ire

With the turn of the new year, I have begun working on my next large project.  As I look at the 60+ models that require minuscule sculpting and putty detailing, I have begun to wonder just how much work lies between now and NOVA...

As I have stated before, my next project is intended to be completed for the NOVA open event, which takes place in August.  Between then and now, I have some serious work to do.  I will go over the army list I have selected, as well as the conversion materials I have gathered in my studio, but today I wanted to focus on my newfound experience with Green Stuff.

Sure, Grey, Green, I am well aware of the variety of modeling putties available to our hobby.  I have used the P3 Grey putty in the past, and really liked the experience.  I am currently working with GW Green putty in an effort to better differentiate between the two, and to possible better understand where each putty would work best.

At the moment, I am in the process of sculpting 45 models with satchel straps.  I was given some very useful tips by both Old Shatter Hands of Tau of War as well as Jay Buyaki of Fort Buyaki, and progress has been going smoothly.  Modeling straps is fairly easy.  I roll the mixed putty into a long thin tube, almost the thickness of fishing line.  I then cut a section just SHORTER than I need, and apply it over the shoulder and across the chest of the model at hand.  Lastly, I use some modeling tools to press the tube of putty flat, evenly across the circumference of the torso.  So long as all of my tools, fingers, models and even the putty itself are kept doused in water, this is a very easy process.  I have heard that some people like to coat their tools in a petroleum jelly to keep the putty from sticking during this process.  I personally cannot imagine what a layer of oil would do to the model when it comes time to prime and paint.

After allowing these models to sit for about 30 minutes, and the putty is mostly "set", I am then able to take an exceptionally sharp exacto blade, and carve a smooth flat line on each side of the putty strap.  This ensures a linear finish to the sculpting, and cleans-up any over-zealous application.
While this is certainly time consuming to add to 45 infantry models, I think that in small chunks, I should be done in no-time.  I was hesitant to show the models at this point, as I want people to see the finished conversion, before telling me that Skaven Clanrats are too short to represent Dark Eldar Wyches.  After the conversions are complete, and you see the height of the bases, as well as the addition of combat-drug injectors (hence the straps), the point should be moot.

Regardless, if anyone has any putty tips that they would like to share, I would love to hear them.  Wish me luck on my next batch!


  1. Looking good Dan, I'm interested to see how this project progresses. My own project is back in the planning stages as with the new model releases for skaven I have some new ideas for my own DE Skaven and the Battle Wagon conversions I wanted to do for the Orks have proven to not be feasible or in my budget as I was looking at around $250 a Wagon in total end cost of just 3 battle wagons.

  2. Ouch! $750 in transports doesn't sound like fun. I hope you post your own Dark Skaven on your blog; I would love to see your own take on the army. The Hellpit Abom would make a decent Talos or Parasite engine...

  3. I am excited about this project's development.

  4. Stay strong, man. This project has the potential to be all kinds of awesome.

    I just may have to make it to NOVA this year. Time to work on some Hive Guard....

  5. Hey, er, those don't look tall enough to be used as Dark Eldar Whyches...


    What a fantastic idea. I've not decided on my army for NOVA let alone the list but I want to cook up something special too. Fantastic to see that you've got such a great project in the works!

    I'm on the lookout for updates now!

  6. I saw the Hell pit Abomination and immediately thought of what kind of monstrosity you will make with it. Keep up the work.

  7. Man, got it in one. Hell Pit Parasite Engine. Now to figure out my Warrior conversion.

  8. Good Work Dan.

    You got me thinking about posting a companion piece showing some of the tools I use and when I use them.

  9. Great ideas!
    I take it your a "counts as" fan? I love the idea of getting to model whatever you want and play what you want at the same time. Any counter argument to playing "counts as" armies is selfish! I'm glad your getting exactly what you want out of our hobby.

  10. Black Matt: So long as effort is put into a project, I think "counts as" is a great way to expand our hobby. If someone wants to play their un-altered Orks as "counts as" Tyranids, then that person does the hobby a disservice.

    In my humble opinion.