Monday, January 17, 2011

Conflict GT: Post Conflict Report

After a weekend of gaming at the Conflict GT, I am back at home and ready to talk about the event.

With every GT, I am reminded just how tiring our hobby can be.  At the moment, my legs and feet are aching, and my brain is frazzled.  Five games of Warhammer over two days can be grueling, no matter how cool your opponents are.

First, the basics.  The Conflict GT was held at the Pallisades mall in New York, which is one of the largest shopping malls I have ever been in.  A quick 30 minute drive from my home, I was glad to be able to compete in an event without having to rent a hotel room.  The 40k event had almost 70 players, and the pool of participants was great.  Many bloggers were a part of the event, and it was great to shake hands with everyone.  I had a great time talking with Jawaballs, Fritz, Black Matt, and Old Shatter Hands.  I met a ton of people, and had five great games.  I was also very glad to be at this event with a variety of my friends from my local gaming club, the Cellar Dwellers.

The photo above was from the Warhammer Fantasy event, and I did not get to meet the owner of such a lovely battalion of amphibians.  I just thought I needed to share a glimpse of the talents that our hobby stirs-up.

I competed in the 40k event, with a pretty fluffy Imperial Guard list.  I included Rough Riders, which everyone was terrified of, Ratling Snipers, Ogryn, and a Psyker Battle Squad.  Two infantry platoons rounded out my forces nicely, and the 1750 points were well represented.  Having never used any of the aforementioned units in any game of 40k, I really only hoped to win a single game out of five.  At the end of the day, I won two games, and lost three.  I was very pleased with my performance, and look forward to practicing with this combination of specialists.  The Psyker Battle Squad was definitely the unit of the GT for me, with their flexible abilities going from armor busting one turn, to paralyzing enemy support the next.  I wound up taking home the award for "Players Choice", which means a lot to me.  It is very gratifying to know that my peers in the hobby appreciate the aesthetic that had haunted my brain for years! 

While I do not have a list of all of the winners, I think we were all happy just to have been a part of such a smoothly-run and well-attended event.  I cannot recommend this event more highly, and I will be sure to attend again next year.

As I placed my army transports back in my painting studio, I felt both exhausted, and happy.  The three events I have attended in the last few months have been wonderful.  Looking at my work-bench, I am not daunted with the amount of modeling and painting that awaits me, but instead I am glad.  Glad to have my hobby and pastime both validated and elevated by the friends and opponents I have met in the recent months.  I look forward to continuing this trend, and meeting more people at the next event!  Speaking of which, I have pinning to do.

Game on.


  1. Congrats on the player's choice award, it sounds like a great event. I love the frog army, always nice to see a new take on an army.

  2. hey dan it was great seeing you again.. hopefully you can get up to WP for some sunday or monday gaming. Loved the army and it was a well deserved players choice award. Its one of those armies that give me the drive to continue working on my armies. Also grats on getting those wins. You have some real fluff elements that dont always equal tournament success so its its great you did better than you expected.


  3. Wow this sounds like a great event. Seems like their are definatley more notable event on the East Coast than the West.

  4. Mr Saturday: Thank you! I am glad you like the froggy jamboree. I was really taken aback by the colorful, charming models.

    Pissclams: I think that out of everyone at the event, you have the most right to be proud. I look forward to stopping by WP some Sunday for a game or two. I would also like to finish our conversation about spray-sealing miniatures, and the dangers of dull-cote.

    The Independent Characters: It's funny, whenever I listen to your show, I think that I am missing out on all the amazing west coast events. The grass is always greener, the dice always roll more sixes, all that.

  5. Dan, it was great meeting you and seeing your wonderfully done army in person.

    I regret not getting any photos of your build over the weekend. Hopefully you will be able ot get up to our club sometime with them. Our next Vets night is Feb 3rd.

    Congrats on taking Player's Choice.

    Full list of rankings can be found at Ordo Malleus

  6. Oops - here is the link to our site -