Friday, January 14, 2011

Just Say "Yes" to Combat Drugs

DIY combat drug injectors can be as complicated or as simple as possible.  Naturally, I made mine complicated.

During yesterday's snow, I finished the putty work on my 45 Clanrat/Wyches.  I am now working on the combat drug injectors, which will be strapped to their backs.  I made these combat drug injectors from the drum-barrels of Ork shootas, with a variety of bits attatched for variety.  Here is an example of one of the most basic of the builds:
I have drilled out the gun-barrels of each of these canisters, and have an 18 gauge plastic-wrapped wire to run from these canisters, to an injection site on each model's chest.  For some of these models, with an appropriate amount of space on their chests, I will add a "heart-plug" made from a modified Cadian gas mask mouthpiece.  For models with too much cloth-work on their chests to add such a bit, I plan on having the tubing simply disappear into one of the folds. 

At this point, I have finished converting all 45 canisters, and am now in the process of adding the appropriate "heart-plugs".  I will not have any modeling time this weekend, due to the Conflict GT I am headed to, so perhaps I can display more progress next week.  I still have to explain the "splinter pistol" conversions I am building, as well as the haywire grenades, base enhancements, and melee weapons for these 45 models.  I hope that this is the most time-consuming part of building this army, because I have tons of ideas that I want to get to work on for the rest of the units.  Wait till you see the agonizers these Wych squad leaders are going to be swinging...


  1. Keep up the good work Dan, it will pay off in the end. Also good luck at Conflict this weekend.


  2. Loving the work so far Dan. I can't wait to see the vehicles...