Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Must Be THIS Tall to Enter the Grimdark Farfuture

Another day spent indoors hiding from the snow, and my Skaven/Dark Eldar are making some serious progress.  Today, I was able to get a final estimation on model height, and I think you will agree that I have built these Clanrats up to Wych height.
After crumbling a ton of cork, I used Zapp-a-Gap to bond it to my resin bases.  This cork can easily take a pin, so I can affix wire from the resin base, through the soft cork, and into the ankle of each of my "Wyches".  Now that I have started applying my combat-drug injection canisters, the final stature of these models can now be seen.  While I would agree that Clanrats are far too small to "count as" Dark Eldar Wyches, between the canister and the base extension, I have reached an ideal size with the model.  The photo above includes a Warhammer Fantasy zombie for scale.

I have brought 25 of 45 "Wyches" to this stage of development at this point, so I have more work to do tonight.  I have also begun affixing my "splinter pistols" to the models, but I would like to spend a bit more time on that element before posting my conversion details.

All in all, I am very happy to see these models coming together.  To be totally honest, I did not make a physical prototype for these models.  That means that this is the first time I am seeing the components come together outside of my mind, so I am breathing a sigh of relief.  It would have been bad if I worked on 45 models at once, and didn't like the conversions...

Say what you will about my plans to represent the Dark Eldar codex with converted Skaven; at least scale will not be an issue of contention.  For what it's worth, I have taken measurements of all the Dark Eldar vehicles I will be representing as well, and those conversions are on track to fit the dimensions.  Again though, the fact that I have not yet built prototypes worries me a bit.  Maybe I just need to have faith in my ability to visualize these components in advance.


  1. Great stuff, I can't wait to see one fully assembled. They are really turning out nice. You are definitely brave just jumping in and giving it a go, I always build test models first. Which by and by I just need to get my hands on a few more bitz and I will be able to post picks of a few of my Skaven DE test models.

  2. Looking really nice.

    The injectors look absolutely fantastic now at this stage, I couldnt quite envision it at the early stages but it just looks so right now.

    On the painting side I am now really curious how your going to bring it all together - that stone base with the rougher texture of the cork - plenty of potential for the base to stand out as well.