Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Renegade Ogryn Transport Pictorial

As promised last week, here are a variety of angles and views of my converted Renegade Ogryn Transport.
People seemed to really get a kick out of my post last week, concerning the conversion process of this Renegade Ogryn transport.  I was able to take some better pictures recently, and I thought I would share them with you.  Here is a rear-view, showing the hatch that I envision the Ogryn being released from:
While it would be difficult to add now, I think that muz's suggestion of adding a twirling amber light on each side of the door, would be fantastic.  Maybe if I can work up the nerve to crack open my already "finished" model, I will consider it...  If you look at the roof section of the rear of the vehicle, you can see there is a "feeding tube" leading from some of the external drums, to a hatch on the top of the cargo compartment.  I imagine all sorts of rendered meats and stimulant drugs being pumped into the Ogryn before the battle, to drive them into a frenzy.  Here is a better view of that hatch:
The clipping of window-screen I used helps add to the illusion of a cage.  You can also see the 2nd edition Rhino door I added.  There is a ladder from the Baneblade kit leading up to this hatch, seen better in the photo at the top of this post.  On the right side of the vehicle, you will notice a few drums connected by some hosing; the hosing was made from clippings of bass guitar strings.  Lastly, here is a head-on shot of the transport:

I think the additional plastic card and conversion bits break up the profile of the Battlewagon chassis nicely.  This photo does show some of the imperfect molding created by my use of the light weight spackle, but maybe a Renegade transport would display such slapdash welding work.  In this picture, if you look at the right section of the "vision-slit/windshield" area, you can also see where I added the heavy flamer, in an effort to retain the idea of a hull mounted weapon.  Again, I am well aware that this vehicle is quite larger than a standard Chimera, but then how else would Ogryn fit inside?

It is also worth mentioning that I finished off the last remaining models in my Vraksian Militia, topping off the collection at about 5k points.  This means I am free to begin working on my newest collection, which is convenient, as a large box of Forgeworld resin arrived at my house yesterday.  I am fairly happy with how these photos have turned out, which means that I am in good shape for photographing all of the many stages of my next project.  After speaking with Old Shatter Hands over at The Tau of War, I think I may have the tips and tactics necessary to begin my putty work.  While each model only has a small amount of greenstuff involved, 50 of the infantry will require it.  I just need to stretch out, crack my knuckles, and get busy.  Now where did I leave my resin-proof gas-mask?


  1. My GOD do I love this thing! It's damn beautiful if you ask me.

    The "imperfect molding" is for lack of a better word "perfect". It's exactly what I would expect a renegade transport to look like. It looks just ramshackle enough to give it a Mad Max feel with out it going overboard into silly Ork territory. Bravo

  2. Looks awsome mate, i love the 'cage' idea for the transport! Whats your next project??

  3. Thanks for the comments; I am glad you guys like the conversion.

    My next project is a warhammer 40k army, using a 40k codex, and a %100 converted set of minis. While I understand people's fear of "counts as", I think that over-the-top army conversion can show a player's true intentions.

    While I don't plan on showing my hand just yet, here is a fairly obvious hint: what fantasy range of models, not represented in 40k, runs with low strength, low toughness, high initiative, and a preference for poisoned weapons? Tons of resin. Every model converted heavily. It's an easy call, really...

  4. Thanks for showing more pics of it. I like the design, I could see it in its previous life as either a hazardous materials hauler for some Vraksian mine or an Arbites paddy wagon.

  5. Please don't crack open that great model if you can help it. Just build another one with the twirling lights ;) It's a good idea. You might think of adding a danger-bar or two as an accent, but otherwise I think it's great.

    5k points of Vraksian stuff? You're going to have photo-fodder for months to come!

  6. Such an awesome idea and a much better realization. Too bad I found this blog only now.

    Kind regards from another Vraksian commander.

  7. Could I say anything more devotedly obsessively stalkerish than I LOVE IT? I'll have to think on it. Cause I don't think so.

  8. Hey hey !
    First off amazing work, truely !
    If I may ask, could you post a picture with this baby next to a chimera if you have one ?
    Ty, and rock on !