Monday, November 29, 2010

When life gives you lemons, make a Herald of Khorne riding a chariot.

The Chaos Daemons codex contains many headquarters choices that do not yet have a model.  Thanks to eBay and some putty, a solution is never far-off!
After reading the fluff for a Herald of Khorne on a chariot, I saw that the herald was thankfully only pulled by one juggernaut, so I wouldn't have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on the conversion.  I started by digging through my bits box, and found that my box of bits included the chariot of Grom the Paunch so I knew I was in business.  I took some bloodletter and chaos space marine bits to form the rider, and cut a bit of extra jewelery chain to complete the model.  I found a cheap auction on eBay that included an old 2nd edition Khorne Champion riding a Juggernaut, and I knew I was in business. 

The conversion itself is fairly straightforward:  Bloodletter of Khorne arms, legs and head affixed to a Chaos Space Marine torso and shoulders, pinned to the back of a chopped-down chariot, with some jeweler's chain tied to his hand.  While it is true that the Juggernaut pulling the chariot does not match the style of the rest of my Bloodcrusher units, I think that the uniqueness of the Herald model more than allows for such variety.

This conversion was fitted with a few torch bits from the corpse-cart sprue, and mounted on a chariot base.  Honestly, there was little-to-no ingenuity involved in this conversion.  The fact that the Chaos Daemons codex lacks models for certain HQ load-outs, does not really amount to much of an obstacle, so long as you are willing to cut and pin.

Short post today; just trying to work my way through the entirety of my Daemon collection.  Bear with me:  My current project should entertain the most jaded of hobbyists.  Maybe I should provide another hint for my current project:  The collection could certainly be described as cheesy. (wink and a grin)


  1. You did not make your Khorne Herald on Chariot out of Lemons.

    Consider me extremely disappointed.

  2. I like the flaming skulls all over the model. Really sets the mood and gives it character.

  3. Mike, I was tempted to stop at the grocery store on my way home today, just to build you a chariot of citrus doom.

  4. Great work Dan,

    Seeing that Juggernaut gives me some flashbacks to my early days of 40k when that kit was first released.

    Great conversions and a great looking finished model.