Friday, November 26, 2010

An Apocalyptic Black Friday

I finally got to take my Reaver Titan into a game!  Today some friends and I got an Apocalypse game in at my local gaming store, Mighty Titans.  Did I mention that melta-cannons fire a ten inch template?
With 8k points a side, today was an all-day battle.  The forces of order were in a deeply fortified position at the center of the board, and had the forces of disorder barreling down on each side.  My share of the battle, consisted of 2k points of Emperor's Children:  One (old school) Reaver Titan with twin-melta cannons and an apocalypse launcher, one (old school) landraider, five chaos space marines and a chaos lord.  Post holiday feast, I wanted to move as few models a turn as possible!  Here is a shot of the titan and some of his friends:

One day I will post pics of my whole Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marine forces.  I tried to use only 2nd edition models (rhinos, predators, dreadnoughts, vindicator, land raider etc), and the vehicles really form a cohesive pre-heresey feel.  While not nearly as beautiful as the Forgeworld Reaver titan, my Armorcast model not only fits the out-dated theme of my collection, but also cost 1/3 of the Forgeworld price. 

My overall opinion of Apocalypse has not changed much:  I think that it can be a fun way to spend a day enjoying the more social and lighthearted elements of our hobby.  While by no means balanced, it certainly was fun to fire one weapon, and destroy three vehicles, two squads, and a bastion.  Here is another pic of my Emperor's Children Titan taking aim:
All in all, a fun day of gaming with some great friends.


  1. Man you have some amazing armies! Can't wait to see the Pre-Heresy Emp. Children all together!

  2. Your paint job actually had me thinking it was the forgeworld reaver. I had to go scroll back up to see the detail differences. Nice job, any chance we can see some better pics (if you haven't taken em already)?

  3. Better pics of the Reaver and the Emperor's Children in general? Certainly. I just took these pics with my iphone tonight, to better accompany the post.

    I must say; while I appreciate the praise, I am hesitant to post more pics of my older army collections. Tyranids, Necrons, Emperor's Children... I am not particularly "proud" of the paint work, as I painted these armies YEARS ago, while I was still learning. While I do not think these armies look "bad", they are not even in the same ballpark as my Vraks forces. I like to show off my most recent work, as honestly, it is the best I have done. Even my Daemons, which I painted last year, make me cringe sometimes...

    Again though, I am glad you get a kick out of the pictures. I will set up my gaming board and try to take some real photos with an actual camera. Maybe this weekend, time permitting!

  4. Titans are rather awesome. I have one of those ArmorCast Warhounds, I love it dearly, just dont play Apocalypse enough to warrent getting it painted yet, but I love my Turbo Lasers. Howed the Reaver do in the game?

    I last used my Warhound in a "Tanks and Titans" game were it tore the beating heart out of an IG tank company, claiming 9 armor kills and 1 Shadowsword over 4 turns before one speeder with multimelta made it within 12 inches and five 6s later nuked our side in a Apocalyptic explosion.

    Good times... good times

  5. dear god i feel sorry for the player on the receiving end of that titan :(