Friday, November 5, 2010

A Khorne Daemon prince, or, How to Plunder Your Failed Army Collections

We all have a "box of shame", filled with miniatures long since abandoned.  Projects that never got past the 30th page of a codex, or a half-painted HQ choice.  Is there no salvation?  Is there balm in Gilead?

Back in the mid 90's, I came into a fairly large Orcs & Goblins army.  While I never really used them for fantasy, the models themselves became the wild test subjects and bits farm for years to come.  Whenever I needed to test a new wash or tone for something, one of my 200 primed-white night goblins got a new paint job.  Each time I needed a power weapon for a squad leader, a black orc lost a two-handed axe.  See where this is going?

As I fleshed out the Khorne branch of my Daemon collection, I wanted to make at least one daemon prince.  I had already picked up a Be'Lakor model, and wanted to use it as a foundation.  While I liked the figure, I thought that it needed to have a much greater presence on the battlefield.  Also, I was not a big fan of the model's wings, so I removed them and wound up using them on a more lithe Slaaneshi Daemon Prince (teaser teaser!).  That meant that I needed to find a way to increase the size and stature of the Be'Lakor model.

To icrease the height, I grabbed an Armorcast skull pile, sawed it in half (with a gas mask on; thank you bleeding lungs!), mounted it on a GW base, and pinned Be'Lakor's now-bent feet to it.  This gave the model the look of being perched atop a heap of battlefield trophies.

Next, I poked around in my Orcs & Goblin Crypt of Shame, and found a disintegrating 2nd edition Wyvern, whose head had already been donated to a Fateweaver conversion.  I promptly pulled the wings off, and began shaping, pinning and puttying.  An hour later, I had some pretty beastly looking wings protruding from Be'Lakor's back.  I liked the size increase, as now the wings appreared to have the actual lift necessary to pull such a stout daemon into the air.

I remember as a child, watching the Night on Bald Mountain portion of Fantasia.  I couldn't believe how large the big daemon's wings were!  The image stuck with me, and I suppose this was the end result.  While not the best photo, you can see a better "full figure" image of the finished product on the top right:

I was glad to have treated the daemon prince with the gravitas it deserved, and I was happy to find a use for the Wyvern wings.  I guess now I should go back to my studio, and find other candidates worth redeeming from my Box of Shame...  And yes, Abbadon, I am looking at you...


  1. Excellent work! I see what you mean about the Night on Bald Mountain feel. Very nice indeed. I too recently inherited a huge collection of WFB minis. Looking forward to a new rummage...

  2. Amazing looking army. Your army looks great on the field and this Daemon Prince definitely compliments the feel. Great job.

  3. Excellent stuff man, the blue tone is really nice on him as well! I have a bunch of CSM, Orks, and Marines that usually end up the basis of conversions.
    As for Abbaddon, just hack that top knot off, a decent paintjob will save his sorry butt!

  4. Yeah, why is it that every chaos player has at least one Abaddon in their "Box of Shame", I think I might have 2.

    Nice stuff though the wings look a bit to large to me. But of course I like the original Belakor wings on Belakor, may need to steal the skull pile idea though.