Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY: Burning Chariot of Tzeentch

The Chaos Daemons codex certainly does include a great number of HQ units that do not have models to represent them on the battlefield.  Once more into the breach!

The internet is full of possible builds for the Burning Chariot of Tzeentch.  A flying chariot manned by a Herald of Tzeentch, and pulled by two Screamers, could truly be depicted in a variety of ways.  My own personal take on the model came more from necessity and access to models and less from a planned appearance, but I am pleased with the end result.

I started this build by clipping the wheels from the chassis of a goblin wolf chariot.  I then drilled out the underside of both the chariot and the screamers, and mounted these bits on flying stands that had been pinned and puttied to a large circular base.  While these hovering bits depicted the flying chariot quite well, the model itself was a bit on the fragile side.  I wanted to be sure to make each of these “prongs” connect through the model itself, to afford mutual support and stability.  I began gathering up extra unused chain bits from my metal Bloodcrusher models for this very purpose. 

After pinning these extra solid metal chain bits to the yoke of the chariot, it was easy enough to glue them to the edges of the screamers.  After soaking a thin strip of paper in superglue, I wrapped the area of the screamers between the chains, and the model had achieved a much more rigid form.  While I am sure a fall from the tabletop would be destructive, I can handle the model quite comfortably, without fear of snapping bonds and missing bits.

After replacing a Horror’s hand with the whip from the Corpse Cart driver, I pinned this driver into position.  A few embellishments from the Chaos Space Marine and chaos vehicle sprues helped communicate the daemonic nature of this conversion.  Lastly, a bit of jeweler’s chain linking the beasts to the driver’s hand unified the entire project.

While I am happy with the outcome of my experiments, I must again give this warning:  When you decide to create a unique conversion, consider how many of these models you are going to need.  

As you can see, I wound up building two more of these chariots, and the most difficult part of these conversions, was maintaining a consistency of aesthetic across the board.  I must keep this in mind as I begin cutting and grinding down my Chinnork resin kits to create two rat-driven Void Raven bombers…


  1. I've had a daemon army of tzeentch trickling round my mind for some time now, and when our local wargames club decided to host a painting competition, I decided that my idea for herald on chariot should finally come to life, as I intended this to be the centrepiece of my army.

    I finished it just this week, and posted a couple of pics here

    I only intend to run one of these - the list I have isn't the best list possible, it's just a couple of each tzzentch unit, an HQ and a couple of daemon princes / soul grinders. It's not optimised, it's just a bit of a change from painting guardsmen :oP

  2. Ginge, you chariot looks great! I have not had the chance to use the new plastic horrors. While the look of the model is certainly different, I think the fact that you don't have to pin every single arm onto the body makes for a worthy investment!