Monday, December 13, 2010

Der Kommissar

We all know about this commissar.  What I wanted to do, was to make one that looked kinda cool while he shot his own troops.  And with smaller shoulder pads.

This conversion was really an afterthought to my Vraksian militia.  While organizing my bits for my Skaven/DE project, I came across the figures that are included on the Baneblade sprue.  There were more than enough parts to build a "tank commander" figure, and I thought the trenchcoat would be quite fitting as the basis for my Commissar.

It was easy enough to pin a bolt pistol arm and chaos powerfist onto the tank commander body, but the head was a bit more complicated.  I wanted to be sure the backpack and head of the Vraksian militiamen were well represented, but this meant that the resin was going to be severely trimmed down.  In the end, I had to remove the torso from the resin bit, while keeping the head and backpack connected.  I then clipped the tank commander head from his hat, and dug out both the inside of the hat, as well as the top of the resin militiaman's head.

All in all, the conversion work and paintjob took me less than two hours.  While the paint job is not as high a standard as the rest of my army, I guess that's what happens when you build and paint a model in the time it takes to watch a movie.

I told myself I wouldn't start my Skaven/DE till January, but I keep finding myself shaving resin bases and arranging groups of bits....


  1. I want you to start your ratmen as well, but if you must wait till january... so be it.

  2. Very athmospheric conversion! Lets hope he pinches a lot of loyal suckers' arses!