Friday, December 17, 2010

Vraksian Ruff Rydas

While inspired more by the forces of Chaos than the rhymes of DMX, these models are indeed ridin dirty.  

When I was filling out the force organization chart for my Vraksian Militia, I had a tough decision to make.  While it would have been easy to run all three fast attack choices as Vendettas, I didn't want to go with a totally cheesy representation.  While the Siege of Vraks books mention rough rider squads being used by the Death Korp of Krieg, I thought that the Vraksian Militia may have had some labor animals around that they too could have re-purposed.  Also, Rough Riders are a nasty counter-charge unit, and fill a vital "rapid response" role in the IG battle plan.  Seems like an easy choice!  It's just too bad I won't get to convert any chaos Hellhounds.   

The horses used on these models come from the Chaos Marauder Horseman kit, and feature a lightly armored, chaos embellished warhorse.  This fit my needs quite well.  Using this kit also had the added benefit of presenting a satisfactory lower-half of the rider.  I needed legs that could be placed on the horse, but not represent an unbelievable "fantasy-style" set of armor.  Using a modelling saw, I cut each rider at the waist, and pinned the Vraksian Militia torso in place.  The Cadian "special weapon handle arm" made for a good choice here, as it allowed the riders to appear to be gripping their mounts, and also gives the mounts a bit of a Vraksian feel, with handles being implanted in their necks.  Really, the only part of the model that took some work, were the explosive-tipped hunting lances.

According to the fluff, Rough Riders rush into combat holding a hunting spear, that has a bladed-tip packed with explosives for a one-time destructive charge.  I like this idea, but I didn't think that a blade would really fit the industrial theme of a Vraksian Militia.  To this end, I decided to tip my hunting lances with grenade-like explosives.  First, I removed the hands from a variety of outstretched Cadian arms.  Then, I pinned the Marauder Horsemen spear-holding hand to the wrist.  After clipping the spearheads off of the Marauder Horsemen bit, I pinned an Ork stikkbomb to each shaft.  These stikkbombs came from the Ork vehicle sprue, and in my opinion, form very satisfying explosive charges.  I can certainly imagine my Rough Riders screaming into a close combat, directing their explosive-tipped lances at the enemy's faces, and detonating the charges.

I hope you like the finished product.  I am tempted to build a transport superheavy, just so I can drive up and have my ten-man Rough Rider squad come charging out.  Something about cavalry charging out of a tank seems so... unexpected. 

Stay warm, all.  It's getting too cold to prime!


  1. I really like it, clean crisp model, excellent paint scheme, and love the use of the marauder horsemen.

    I think you can really get strong feeling of action from a lot of the Fantasy models.

    I am working on a similar project for 40k, the Chaos Knight horses for “Count as” Space Marine bikes…

  2. Very nice! Good choice of charge for the hunting lances. I really like the Marauder Horsemen kit; it's one of the reasons I went the direction I did for my own Chaos guard.

  3. Great looking models, and an awesome conversion work too!

  4. Cavalry charging out of a tank is definitely shenanigans! Awesome job.