Monday, May 28, 2012

To the Nostromo, from Hong Kong

We all like to get hugged, right?  And we all have faces, yes?

When I was a kid, I was entranced by the Halcyon line of Alien themed model kits.  Sadly, dreams of a chest-burster themed mailbox were quickly jettisoned from the airlock at the sight of a $150 price tag.  At a more recent date, after perusing eBay with an eye towards my latest project, I stumbled upon this:

For a mere $40, I was able to purchase what would appear to be a vinyl re-cast of the original Halcyon model.  Sure, it was shipped from Hong Kong with a radioactive HAZMAT label, but...  Huzzah!

With airbrush, putty, and more hobby experience than my 12 year-old self could have imagined, I began the process of bringing untold death to my back yard:

After airbrushing the hell out of the little bugger, I MAY have created a centerpiece for my latest display board:

Sure, it is out of scale of the models.  But then... it is IN-SCALE for jumping on your face.  Decisions...


  1. Holy shit.

    I got a shiver seeing that, I think as a kid I was so scared of being face-raped in my bed at night after seeing Aliens (Thanks irresponsible parenting) I probably lost at least a years worth of sleep.

    Now as an adult, I kinda want one of these all glossed up and ready for some sexy times on my bar.

    Got a link to the eBay Dan?

  2. The eBay posting won't link for some reason.

    Just search eBay for "face hugger model", and many cheap re-casts should come up. The kit needed some serious trimming, putty work and hot-water re-shaping, so be ready to do a little work.

  3. When I was a kid I worked at the Wax Museum and they had an awesome Aliens scene in their horror section that had some face huggers. I was friends with the sculptor and he gave me a life-size face hugger made of foam one year. That thing lasted through college, bachelorhood and many a moves and parties but once the kidos were born it saw its doom.

    Freaky thing,

  4. That thing is awesome! Needs some Apoc rules ;)

  5. Oh no they didn't: chibi facehugger?

  6. Nothing more cute than oral rape.