Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Battle for Salvation GT 2012

It's time to get registered for the premiere GT event in the New York City area!

The Battle for Salvation crew throw the best GT I know of.  From plenty of space for army displays and materials, to an absurdly generous heap of prizes, this is not an event to pass by. I cannot recommend this event highly enough.

October 5th through 7th, 2012.  Columbus day weekend.  Save the date, and register now!

Take a look!


  1. Very cool, I think I am going to volunteer as staff. Prepare to get DQ'd.

  2. hey dan thanks for the post ! Was awsome to see you at our little RTT a few weeks ago. I loved the "toy bash Crons" just a great army to look at on the table.


  3. I just posted this on 40kNJNY as well, I sincerely hope the even gets the attention it deserves. I cant wait to go myself.