Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Huge Pile of Resin Alien Heads

Sanding, washing, clipping and cleaning.  Resin takes a slow hand.

I spent the last few evenings knuckle-deep in resin dust.  Having finished cleaning the genestealer bodies and arms, I only had to prepare the resin components for the build stage.  With a clean face-mask on and plenty of ventilation, I carefully sanded the flash from 120 bases, and 120 alien heads.  This afternoon, I washed all of the bits with a mild dish soap.  Three rinses later, the mold release had been removed, and I was one step closer to an alien hive in my studio.

Having already drilled out each resin base for pinning, I spent some time gluing a pin into the rear heel of each of the genestealers.  While not exactly interesting, this assembly-line style of labor has become my standard operating procedure.  Honestly, the most daunting step ahead involves cleaning off one of my work desks, to prepare for the assembly stage.

Not the most interesting update, but an update none the less.  This collection should be well and truly finished in time for 6th edition of the game, and I am interested in seeing how the rules update changes the current tyranid rules.  I can't imagine they could play any worse...


  1. Dan,

    I'm doing sort of the same thing with my nids minus the cool heads you have there.I'm with you as I don't see nids getting much worse with 6ed.

  2. Death Salvo: Nice man! Glad I am not just foolishly building a dead army for a soon to be dead system. Then again, I get hours of enjoyment modelling and painting, but only about one "game" per month, so I am not entirely sure the rules matter to me...