Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Necron Project Complete

Here's the proof.  Now I just need a more detailed photo shoot to go over the finished conversions.

It's a funny thing; last year I spent six solid months working on my Kabal of the Fursaken space skaven army.  This Necron project took less than a month to complete, and involved some pretty far-out modeling work.  While it is true that I already had a large 2nd edition collection, the 11 additional, converted vehicles were far from a chore.

And have I played the new codex?  Nope.  I'd rather be painting than playing 40k at the moment.


  1. That looks so awesome Dan!

  2. i want to see detailed pics please!!! i have no idea what is going on with some of those vehicles but it looks like a whole bunch of awesome.

    good show sir....good show!

  3. Oh my Lordy!

    Seriously man, you're a major talent.


    You're making the rest of us look bad - any chance you're going to stop that? Bad Nyhil, bad!