Monday, February 13, 2012

Voltron Ghost Arks: WIP

Magnetized, built, primed and ready for lighting. 

The tubing seen in the center of the model is cut from the same pipe drain snake I used for my Triarch Stalker legs.  I found that cutting the galvanized steel took far too long.  I eventually used a vise to hold the snake in place, and simply bent the steel back and forth at a right angle. After about a minute of rigorous bending, the heat created by the friction would almost melt the steel apart.  This saved me quite a few hacksaw blades!

The Necron Lord is not just included for scale:  The Lord's base is magnetized, to hold him in place on the "Command Platform". 

Here are the other three Ghost Arks.  You can see one of the bases in the lower right of the screen.  The coffins are mounted so they hover just off of the ground, like a landspeeder on Tatooine.

My plan here, is to lace a string of 15 LED lights along the bottom of the inside of each casket.  Naturally, I built the models to open on a rear hinge for this purpose.  After switching on the LED lights, I can then fill the coffin with green glass beads, to provide an otherworldly glow.  Once the glass beads arrive from the online store, I will have some necron disco pics to share.  Now for the atmosphere...

There is space in one of the coffins for an ipod touch, which can sound fairly decent with the speaker maxed out.  The only thing still uncertain, is the playlist.  At the moment, I have a collection of music picked out featuring 80's video game chiptunes like this:

Contrary to popular belief, Necrons aren't alien mummies.

Necrons are space invaders.


  1. Loving what you're doing with these..

    I had absolutely no interest in a necron army whatsoever,,

    but the notion of this retro "mars attacks" style is enough to pique my interest :)

  2. haha, thought these were going to look terrible, but they have turned out brilliantly. i just couldn't get past the original colour of the coffin things!

  3. The only thing I am not a fan of is the heads on the coffins.

  4. The GunGrave: Thanks!

    Karitas: When I read the new codex, I was pretty disappointed with the direction the background went. Stubbornly, I wanted my craptacular 2nd edition necron warriors a more suitable environment.

    Atreides: I still need to paint these guys. This is just a coat of black primer. Glad to have changed your mind, though!

    PoliticalOfficerKrad: I certainly understand the discomfort that comes with the somewhat, um, "abrupt" visual of the large heads at the front of each casket. Not only am I satisfied by this visual effect, but I think it helps unite the army as a whole. Each of my vehicle conversions contains some element of "too much".

  5. It's your models. Overall I think it will be great with the lights and music, the shape of the coffins is cool. The other thing you may want to watch for is limiting the arc of fire of those gauss flayer arrays. They each only have that 45 degree arc. Even if only one needs to be able to fire for all of them to do so.