Saturday, February 25, 2012


The Rasputina re-sculpt tempted me for months; the past weekend saw her and her crew painted.
The Malifaux models are a pleasure to paint.  The ability to paint a dozen or so models, then switch to a completely new style and palette, has allowed me to be far more experimental in my technique.  I have been playing with a home-made wet palette, to some degree of success, and am currently trying a new "drybrushed ink" experiment.  More pics to come. 


  1. These look great, would love to see some close-ups of them.

  2. Where do you find those crystal looking things?

  3. Nix: I made a fresh blog post with some close-ups. I really need a better camera than just my iphone...

    Flekkzo: The crystals on the bases are from Armorcast. The large ice crystals in the rear are made from carved pink foam, and represent the walls of ice Rasputina can raise.