Monday, March 12, 2012

Completed Necron Toybash Photo Overview

Here are a variety of army-wide photos, which should give an overall sense of theme.I will be posting more detailed shots and explanations of individual conversions and units in the future;  this post is about the big picture.  Here is another angle on the Voltron Ghost Ark line: 

The LED lights in the Voltron Ghost Arks are not so easy to see in a static photo.  The interaction of the light with the glass of the beads gives a sparkling effect when you move around the table.

The UFO Doom Scythes hovering just over the rocks here, all have glowing LED laser cores for their death rays.  Again, the flickering of the LED is not communicated well with a static photo.  Take a closer look:

Here are my PEW PEW Stalkers.  The Atari controllers worked out pretty well, in that the button still functions in operating the laser gun sound effects:

My ROBOTIX toybashed command barge in all it's glory:

This command barge also has LED lights on the inside, illuminating the Necron Lord with a flickering yellow light:

In the near future, I will be posting more detailed photos of each specific unit.  I just had a Saturday morning free, and was able to load up on pics.  

My last three 40k projects have been exceptionally satisfying.  The 13th Vraksian Militia was my first foray into weathering, The Kabal of the Fursaken was my first collection where every model had putty-work and total conversion, and finally these Necrons have taught me to install lights and sound effects. 

I enjoy learning new things, challenging myself, and experimenting.  My current direction involves painting a number of Malifaux crews.  I am experimenting with new painting materials, practicing with a wet pallet, and just generally painting with as many different techniques, styles and treatments as I can.  As soon as I can take a series decent photos of my progress, I look forward to everyone's feedback. 

Hope you enjoy the robots! 


  1. You've really taken it to the next level with this one, especially with the added lights and sounds. Guess it's time for me to look into LED kits and sound boards....

  2. I really like the theme of this army, keep up the good work!

  3. Once again Dan I can just sit and stare in awe of your collective awesomeness.

  4. #2501: Personally, I am just happy to have a Necron project that didn't wind up owing it's appearance to your style. I think your work inspired me, in that I had to create an aesthetic that was original.

    islyfe: Thanks!

    Tordeck: We still need to get a game in. Next Vets night?

  5. Vets nights are hard for me, between my wifes schedule, the hour commute to TW, my dogs that need fed and who's gunna watch the baby, probably not making it to the April one. Maybe May. and there is a tourny on June 9th that I'll be attending.