Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ramos Avatar

While delicate, this Avatar Ramos model is pretty sweet.
  I ran a pin up through the center of his base, to take the weight of the model.  The spindly legs, while beautiful, did not seem up to the task of bearing real weight.  I left the arcing electrical fire off, as I did not like that particular effect.  I kept the metallic rings in Ramos' palms, for effect.

These models were quick and easy to paint up.  Maybe one evening for the whole crew?  The resin base I used for the spider had some very interesting opportunities.  Lots of pipes and holes for the clockwork spiders to be creeping through.  I was tempted to sprinkle brass cogs on the bases, but I have already used those in a few models, so I don't want to become too dependent on any one element.


  1. It's models like this that make me think "Hell yes, Malifaux."

    Maybe it's time to get a copy of those rules...

  2. Mark: The game rules, unit stats and crew creator software are all free to download from As for the game itself, I have a blast playing it. There is a lot of theme and atmosphere to the game, and it is refreshing to try something new. That, and you get to change painting styles after 6 models, instead of 100.