Monday, August 8, 2011

Skaven Haemonculus w/ Webway Portal

Or should it be "ratway portal"?

One of the central visual images that guided this "Kabal of the Fursaken" project, was that of a horde of rats pouring up and out of a hole in the ground.  Naturally, I made my webway portal marker a crater/hole, with a few small rats crawling towards the edges.  What was a bit less obvious, was how to suggest just where and how this hole would appear.  Enter the Haemonculus...

I used a pewter Skaven engineer as the base for this model.  I removed the small pistol the engineer was originally holding, and replaced it with the drill from a killa kan.  The drill has a ball on the end of it, to be used when mounting into the socket of the killa kan arm.  I noticed that the small rat on the Haemonculus' backpack, was seated on a bomb of similar size and shape.  This pretty much figured itself out.

I added a fuse (made of wire) to the ball on the end of the drill, and gave the rat on the Haemonculus' backpack a lit match (made of a bit of putty and paper-clip wire), with the flame lingering dangerously close to the fuse.  When painting the model, I made sure to show the two bombs are made of the same material.  While the Haemonculus himself came out a bit less "creepy-albino rat" than I had originally planned, I think that the wysiwyg webway carries much of the attention anyway.

So the final image I was going for:  Skaven engineer runs towards the enemy line.  He lifts an enormous drill-explosive contraption, while one of his minion rats strikes a match, and lights the fuse.  The engineer tosses the drill like a lawn-dart, and it quickly vanishes into the ground, leaving a trail of sparks from the smouldering fuse.  After a moment, the warpstone bomb detonates underground, and the hole left behind is quickly filled by the hordes of Skaven that have been approaching the battle underground.

Good times. 


  1. Any thoughts on giving some of the iconic skaven characters a 40k makeover? Or, alternatively skavenizing some DE ones ? (well, with the dais you sorta already have....)