Thursday, August 4, 2011

Kabal of the Fursaken - Complete

I have finished my "Kabal of the Fursaken" Skaven / Dark Eldar army, and have pictures to prove it!

While I actually completed painting these models about a week ago, I finally had some decent pictures taken for use in my army-book.  The photo you see above, will most likely wind up as the cover image for my book.  I think the model stands out with such a profile, and sums up the theme of my project.  By the way, the photo is of a Hecatrix squad leader armed with an agonizer and a blast pistol.  Here is a more expanded view of the collection:

I like this shot, as it begins to display the size and scope of the project.  Here is one final shot for today:

This is my Dais of Destruction, which I had shown WIP shots of a while back.

Anyway, I am far too tired to go into detail on each of these pics just now.  Over the course of the next several weeks, I imagine I will be showing more of the finished army, as well as explaining techniques and hurdles encountered throughout.  Thank you all for sticking with my blog during this project, and I hope that the process has been entertaining to view.  As for me, I do not plan on painting any miniatures in the immediate future, thank you very much.  I do have a display board to finish, but other than that, I think I need a break.

Then again, I have spent this week building and converting Malifaux minis...


  1. Me and my pet rats approve. This is stunning and very creative work. The Dais is massively awesome. The Skaven on the top is just spot on. I am happy am following your blog so I get to see these awesome models. Well done!

  2. Stunning work my friend, I can't wait to see them up close in a few weeks. Here is to hoping we get to face each other at the Open, Either in open play or in the tournament itself. Great job and nicely done. It has been a long journey since we first started talking about this last fall. Again, great job.

  3. Those are awesome!! I especially love the Agoniser armed rat, erm, Dark Eldar. It's really been interesting watching this army develop and much kudos is due at it's completion.

  4. I have to admit I simply love this! awesome stuff.

  5. Flekkzo: I applaud anyone with pet rats. I like em!

    HuronBH: I hope you got my email before you read this post... Either way, I suspect you only want to play me so you can table me again... hehe

    The Golden D6: Thank you, and I am glad the process was enjoyable to follow. =D

    The Amethyst Studios: Thank you. I am glad you like it!

  6. Awesome man, love it!

  7. This is hands down the most amazing army I have seen in a VERY long time. Great work on the conversions, and the paint scheme is a great blend of the Dark Eldar and Skaven schemes!

  8. HOLY CRAP!!!! More, More, MORE I cry! GW needs to bring a Skaven equivalent to 40k complete with steampunk awesomeness.

  9. They look amazing man! I remember WAYYY back when you first started talking about this as a concept. You put me to shame man, cranking out magnificent armies in no time flat. Good job!

  10. Remember when I said I wasn't sure about the idea, and you said you hoped to convince me otherwise?

    Christ, man, this is amazing. When you get the chance, post more pics of the different units! The dais is awesome (I love the dark steampunkiness) and I can't wait to get a look at the rest of the little blighters. Or even more shots of the Dais.

    Seriously dude, I wish I had half your talent. Frakkin' fantastic!

  11. Redscorps: Glad you like it!

    Damn The Valley: Thank you very much!

    Rich: Steampunk is certainly under-represented in GW imagery, but then warmachine and malifaux have that market pretty-well cornered...

    Purgatus: Thanks for the support, and the advice you gave me along the way.

    Abakus: Nice! I have a bunch of pics, but I need to really write-out what went into each. Should take a little time...

  12. Looking forward to seeing this in person at the NOVA. May have to add a rat to one of my bases in your honor.

  13. Wow man they are amazing. So looking forward to seeing them in person.

    I may have missed it at some point but what point scale did you make this army for? What is the list?

    And please, please find time to make a post these beauties on the Dark City. I know they will love them.

  14. A-freaking-mazing. You do great work, my friend.

    I wonder if they'd let me just walk into NOVA to meet people and take pics?

  15. Wow - unreal work, and well worth the wait!

  16. Amazing that you managed to pull this of and make a whole army out of it.

    Nice work and keep it up!