Monday, August 22, 2011

Bi-Level Display Board

Here are some pics of the display board I made for the Kabal of the Fursaken.

A photo walkthrough of how I made this board is posted on Blood of Kittens, but I thought I would share some pictures of the finished product here.

I tried to make this display board different than the fairly simple work I had done in the past.  I found myself wanting more and more space to display the army, but I did not want to make anything larger than 2'x2', for ease of use at a crowded tournament.  I decided that the only way to build, was up.

 Again, to see photos of this board from start to finish, check out this article I posted on Blood of Kittens.


  1. Just came across this and had to leave a comment really unique Love the paint job, and I am completely in love with it great work.
    It just goes to show there is still some hidden gems out there, amongst the blogger community and this is certainly one of them.

  2. How is it to carry around? Any issues with it getting a little top heavy and dumping your skimmers? Looks great! I'd recomend a rolling cart if you want to bring it from table to table, I'd be afraid of the clumsy gamer.

    I'll see you at NOVA... crunch time for me getting things finished.

  3. uniteallaction: Kind of you to say, but I think the community has tons of talent and ideas. It's just cool to be a part of it all!

    Brian Carlson: You have some good points. I will certainly not be moving the board from table to table with models up on the pipe "catwalk", for the sake of balance. As for the board itself, I think the size of the washers that I used with each support really helps to distribute the weight. The board is not particularly heavy, and the large skimmer bases I used makes the center of gravity quite secure. As for the rolling table idea, I thought of that too, but decided that a free-standing, top-heavy rolling cart would be far more dangerous than a between-round shuffle.

    Old Shatter Hands: Tim, you were the one who suggested a corkboard and soaked woodglue, and you also served as a sounding-board for dimensions and direction. Thanks!

  4. If you dont win best army there is no justice in this world.

    The attention to this army is unbelievable - there are only a few armies I've seen people do count as and actually come up trumps with (both in modelling, painting and execution of the idea).


    Please do another project after this ;D

  5. You are one sick sick man. Great stuff. My one comment is that your whole army is on Brick bases and except for that one corner there is not much brick on the display board. Other wise amazing work man.

  6. Bully: I appreciate your enthusiasm, but there are far better painters and converters out there than myself. I am just glad to share my work!

    HuronBH: Thanks for your perspective! I hear you about the cobblestone. I included that section of road to help tie the board and models together, but yes, it is a bit limited. I just couldn't think of a way to justify having cobblestone elements on the display board, beyond one section of road. I think this hinges more on my choice of bases, than the direction of my board.

    As for doing another army, the models for my next project are already on my desk. I don't want to give it away just yet, but I will say that I am working on my first loyalist army ever. And no, it isn't GK. And yes, it involves six land raiders in a 2k point list. /flex

  7. Last year at NOVA there was really stiff competition for Best Army. The winner had this flawlessly painted eldar army that blew mine out of the water. You can see it here:

    In addition that was this amazing Ork Blood Ax army that even had a "tek-priest" Orkus Mechanicus model: you can view it here:

    Your army certainly is in league with these folks, but don't get complacent! Use these last few precious days to dot your eyes and cross your tees. Good luck!

  8. Old Shatter Hands: Those Eldar are outstanding, and I am sure they are better in person. It isn't just the blending, but how the blending is identical on all of those wraithguard helmets.

  9. So? How'd it go? Win anything?

  10. Dan, once again, it was a pleasure playing you at Nova! Your army is spectacular and I was extremely disappointed you didn't win Best Army. Hope to see you come out again next year! :D


  11. Old Shatter Hands: I was considered a finalist for best appearance, which was quite an honor considering the competition.

    Marshal Laeroth: Very kind of you to say. Thank you for a great game! The friendly tone of our game really helped set the feel for my experience at NOVA. I look forward to playing you again sometime!