Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOVA Reflection

I think my recuperation after the NOVA Open event would have been easier, had I not returned to the aftermath of a hurricane.  4" of water in my basement, as well as a lack of electricity, made for a very strange post-tournament funk.

At the NOVA, I met some great people and opponents, had a variety of challenging games, and saw some beautifully painted armies.  The Cobra themed IG army that won best painted was gorgeous!  The theme of including specific G.I. Joe characters was executed very well, and gave the army a truly distinct feel.  The display board that Jawaballs presented included music and chants, which elevated the atmosphere of his already beautiful work.

I was also lucky enough to play on table 1 on Saturday, which meant my game was broadcast on the ustream channel.  Unfortunately, the video was lost due to some sort of hiccup, but the experience was memorable enough.  My opponent on that game was a guy named Jamie, who played a blue and orange Tyranid army.  He was a great opponent, and we had a fun game.

As for my record, I wound-up with 2 wins, and 6 losses.  Considering I had only used the codex once before the tournament, I am thrilled with my performance.  I learned quite a bit over the course of my 8 games.  The biggest challenge I had, which I saw coming, was dawn of war deployment.  Considering the "webway-bomb" direction of my army, that deployment proved to be quite tough.  I have discovered a solution, and I look forward to putting some new plans into action during such a mission type.

At the end of the event, I learned that my army was considered for a best appearance award, and I was both surprised and honored to see my work on the finalists table.  I find it incredibly satisfying, to know that I am not alone in spending such an absurd amount of energy on toy soldiers.  I just wish the lighting in the venue was more conducive to photography, as I could look at photos of those other collections for hours.  Maybe some pics, with a quality higher than that of my iphone camera, will surface on the internet.

In closing, I would just like to say thank you to the event organizers for all of their hard work.  I hope that I was alone in trying to sleep off the post-tournament "hangover" while cleaning-up flood waters.

With school starting soon, I will have far less time to paint and build.  Perhaps I should work on smaller projects, like a few Malifaux crews I have been fiddling with.  Then again, those 6 land raiders are calling to me...


  1. One of the highlights of the tourney was facing an army that well painted - I kept geeking out over it during the game, but I do wish our game had been recorded. Sorry to hear about the house. I wasn't expecting to get into a funk when I got home either - but then I didn't expect the tournament high to be so.. high. Hoping I can get away for the Battle of Blobs park in a couple weeks.

  2. I am currently working on a ton of pictures from the event. I hope to get them posted soon. The guys at 19th Legion took a few and have them on the site along with some interviews with folks at the event.



  3. Dan, it was great to finally meet you. Your army looked beautiful, the theme was very well tied together. I'm sorry to hear about your basement. I had the same thing happen to me a month before NOVA. Definitely changes up hobby priorities. Best of luck recovering.

  4. Brian Carlson: While I only spoke with you for a moment on Saturday, I am glad we were able to connect. I would say next time we get a pickup game in, but my god was I exhausted. Have a good labor day weekend!

  5. It was great to see your army. We met for a short time, but I clearly remember your army and great attitude. Thanks for being a breath of fresh air.

    Aaron Aleong

  6. Hmmm... Those Hellions look fammilar...

    Great to meet you, man! I have a great time at the tournament and it was cool to see you and your army. You shouldn't have been surprised to see them on the finalist tables for appearance. Excellent work.

    Like I've said; DE can be a tricky list to get working for you. Especially webway-heavy lists. But more practice will definitely get you used to some of the tricks of the soul-eating little buggers!

    Hope to meet you again at some point!

  7. Spaguatyrine: Glad to meet you as well. Your wolves were beautiful!

    Meatshield: I only took 2 photos at the entire GT, and the other is blurry. Hence. I do like the action of the shot though; dismissively piling your hellions onto Steve's rhinos...

    I had a great time hanging out. Maybe I'll see you at adepticon next year!