Friday, October 22, 2010 take arms against a sea of troubles...

Just back from registering at the Warstore Weekend.  This weekend threatens to be packed with dice, handshakes, and chicken strips.  In that order.

I hope you like the photo above.  I will be featuring my Leman Russ batle tanks and heavy weapon squads soon, but I thought a shot down the battle-line would wet your appetites.  Being that I will be involved in various games all weekend, I also wanted to post something here to keep my promise of Daemonic invasion.
One afternoon, I decided to try creating a Burning Chariot of Tzeentch.  Using the remains of a goblin chariot, as well as numerous leftover bloodcrusher bits, I began pinning and puttying my way to victory.  I took the whip arm from the corpse-cart driver, and extended the pink horror's arm to give the model some action.  I tried to use a jewelery chain that matched my paint scheme, to keep the idea of a chariot continuous.  I also soaked some paper strips in zap-a-gap to make the bridles for the screamers of Tzeentch "pulling" the chariot.  I know, it looks a bit unclear if the screamers are pulling the chariot forward, or if the whole mess is just stalled in mid-air.  Maybe that is what the whip is for?   Anyway, my triumph was short lived, as I realized that if I am going to make one of these chariots, I may as well make three.  The trouble with making a wacky conversion, is keeping the unit consistency throughout an army.  Perhaps these chariots were responsible for my planning out some 9 Chimeras at once?

Anyway, one more Daemon pic for the road:
Along the same vein as the Tzeentch chariot, I thought it would be fun to try some Slaaneshi chariots in my Daemon army.  Again, needing to build the models from the ground-up, I turned to ebay.  I found a few lots of Tomb Kings chariots, and thought the frames looked suitably "agile" for a vehicle of the Dark Prince.  I made sure I had a few Slaaneshi icons in my Emperor's Children bits box, and went to town.  Those are 2nd edition steed of Slaanesh models, and yes, they clash with my unit of 3rd edition (scandalous!) seekers.  I don't know, maybe the bulkier steeds were needed to pull the chariots, and the super sleek ones were more suited for... carrying half-naked daemon women into combat?  I don't know! 

Off for the weekend.  Safe travels to all visiting my little corner of Hell that is New Jersey, and happy gaming!


  1. "...and by opposing end them."

    Oh, sorry. Dazed off there for a second.

    I love the Daemons, I especially like the Slaanesh steeds. What was your process for getting that brown hide?

  2. I will go into more detail at some point, but the super quick and dirty for the steeds is...

    Primed black with P3, drybrushed with rotting flesh, washed with devlan mud, washed with ogrynn flesh, drybrushed with bleached bone, washed with gryphonne sepia. I think I treated the underbelly differently; maybe an extra wash of sepia and no drybrushing of bleached bone.

    It's late and I am pooped. I promise to cover all color recipes, I just want to make sure you all see some of my work, so my recipes have some credibility.


  3. Big fan of the chariots. I was planning on doing the same for Slaaneshi ones.

  4. That battle line is simply amazing! You have spent more money and time on that than I really like to think about! Awesome.

    Don't know how I have not come across this before.

  5. Wow, your Chaos Renegade army is just gorgeous. Great job!

  6. Hey Dan, this is Sean from the warstore weekend. Blog looks great! Its awesome to see more pictures of your amazing models.