Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here Be Daemons

Tonight, I had a portion of my 10k point Daemon army photographed by my friend Chris Scrivens.  He has done a spectacular job, as always.  I hope you guys enjoy more than just guard, because I have a ton of work to share.

Here is a Nurgle Daemon Prince with wings.  Something you will notice as I post my Daemons, is that I made a specific effort to avoid the standard GW color palette.  My Nurgle wing is painted with a wet gore tone, with more than one nod to Hellraiser and Silent Hill.  The rusty barbed-wire and skinned flesh aesthetic just seemed like a better representation of eternal suffering and undeath.  I wish that was the first time I ever typed the previous sentence.

The model itself is an inquisitor gladiator named Krieger "Krash" Thrax, which you can see here.  I split two Tau vehicle engines in half, bonded them together, and pinned it to his back as a jump pack, stormboy style.  The base has been built up with piled fantasy squarebases, light weight spackel, PVA glue, sand and flock.  This is one of the first models I finished for the army, as I started the collection with the Nurgle wing.

I will explain the metal and flesh treatments in a future post; I am exhausted at the moment.  I just wanted to put up something Daemonic before I head out to the Warstore Weekend tomorrow night.  I hope you enjoy the pic, and if you do, there are about 100 more HD daemon pics where that came from...

Thanks again, Chris!


  1. Very cool Nyhil, I am always a fan of non-standard models being repurposed for things like this!

  2. Very nice! More daemon pics please :)

  3. Looks good, I'm looking forward to seeing more. I think the bloody skin look is very interesting. I like that stylistic choice.