Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who am I?

"Best Appearance", Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament - 2010,
"Best Appearance", Warstore Weekend Grand Tournament - 2010
"Player's Choice", Warstore Weekend Grand Tournament - 2010

So it has come to this.  No longer satisfied with terrorizing the unwashed masses who dare enter my dining room and gaze upon my display case, I have decided to traumatize the denizens of the interwebs.  I suppose it was inevitable.

A little about me.  My name is Daniel Oppedisano, and I am an addict.  It all started back in 1992, when I saw a board game called "Space Hulk" in a local game store.  Being a twelve year old, and understanding films like Alien and the work of H.R. Giger in a wholly unnatural way, the art spoke to me.  Some 20 years later, I find myself with a wealth of life experience, and a deficiency of reason.  Not to mention thousands of painted miniatures.

The art and ideas of Games Workshop have provided me with countless hours of entertainment, and in turn, my wallet has provided Games Workshop with a chain of franchises.  I hope you come to understand that my enjoyment of the actual games provided by GW are a source of my entertainment, while the models and hobby opportunities provided by the same company are the fuel for my insanity.

I also hope that this blog serves to provide some insight to my history with painting miniatures.  I have recently received some praise for my latest project, The 13th Vraksian Militia.  This praise has most likely gone to my head, but even if it has, I still think it is worth sharing my portfolio with you all.  It's funny, I never really considered myself anything more than an average painter, but I guess mediocrity can flourish; so long as you foster it for a good twenty years.

With this blog, I hope to share my volume of work with any who care to see it.  I do not have much experience with blogging, so this will be a bit shaky.  I do not have much experience with writing, so this will be a bit incoherent.  Most importantly, I do not have much experience with photography, so it may well be a bit blurry.  But what I do have experience with, is firmly gripping a GW slottabase in my left hand, a trusty paintbrush in my right hand, keeping my eyes squinted, and holding my tongue at the side of my mouth.

I hope you enjoy the ride.



  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blog. Seems you have your mission, at least where you want to start, all figure out which is a good thing. I look forward to the ride.

  2. I'm excited to see you feature more of your work here, your 13th Vraksian Militia is very impressive. Congrats on the recent praise you have received as it is more than deserved. The army looks great! Good luck with the blogging and your continuing hobby projects.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I just hope I can keep you all supplied with lots of interesting high-res pics. This blog has me reading up on digital cameras!

  4. I love what you are doing with the Renegade Guard. Both you and Dave Taylor (who you mentioned somewhere...) have been inspiring me to do my own, once I manage to become rich.

    But really, the army looks great. Kind of an odd place to comment on that, but I figured here was better than anywhere else. The painting and conversions are fantastic and I'll definitely be following.

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