Monday, September 30, 2013

Malifaux Board WIP Continued

Bringing creepy alleyways and unnerving cemeteries to life, one clogged airbrush at a time.

I am a bit behind in updating this blog with my Malifaux board's progress.  Consider this post something of an intermediary, as I have much more work to share with you, but I needed some sort of bridge to the (almost) finished board.  I digress.

Here you can see some sample terrain, before it had even received primer.  Washing and sanding all of those Armorcast pieces took a long time.  Nothing like the seven months it took Armorcast to complete my order, but a long time nonetheless.

Both the Wyrd Miniatures Hanging Trees set, as well as the classic Games Workshop Citadel Wood, provided a variety of carrion.  I hope little details like these, end up really "selling" the environment and atmosphere I am going for.

Here you can see the undercoloring I added to these cobblestone roads.  While these pieces eventually recieved a variety of cool grey and blue drybrush treatments, I started by burying the "minor holy trinity" of orange, green and purple.  This grants both color depth, and a hidden complement to any primary colored models that traverse such bumpy paths.

I am working with Vallejo water effects and Hirstarts to convert this GW arcane ruins set, into a fountain.  I am a bit stumped though:

What kind of model should I mount on the pillar?  I want something suitably gothic and moody to paint-up as weathered stone or bronze, but I seem to be blanking on what exactly to add.  A Malifaux, GW or Privateer Press model would make this scenery a bit too "brand loyal" for me.  I have been considering using something more neutral, like a chess piece.  Maybe a sinister looking queen would fit the setting, almost like a Red Queen meets Mrs. Lovitt.

I would love some suggestions.  Till then...

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  1. Have you seen the SMOG miniatures line? Some nice stuff on there, and more than a few candidates that fit the creepy/weird theme:

    More cool scenery please. :) I love working on crumbling buildings and things, but haven't anywhere to store them properly, sadly.....