Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Malifaux

 Completed Malifaux table.








This table was a long time in the making, and I am happy to see the project finished.  I am particularly satisfied with the wind-swept leaves, and the way they unify an otherwise less-cohesive collection of scenery.  The color palette is to my liking as well; the muted storybook color scheme allows the more colorful models a suitable background.  The scatter terrain like barrels and crates aid to break up the otherwise rigid lines of a network of alleyways, streets and fences.  The modular nature of the collection allows for a 20 minute setup and breakdown, while maintaining flexibility.  

And I've already lost a game of Malifaux on it.

I hope you like these pics!


  1. Dan, this looks amazing! The nova crew and I just started getting into malifaux. I wish we had a table that looked anywhere near this good. What crew are you playing?

    Also, what sorts of materials did you use for the houses?

  2. Glad you like it, Owen! I am sure your Nova terrain can fit in just fine; what with the epic monuments and all! M street seems like a decent enough Malifaux setting...

    I have been playing Seamus lately. I can't seem to make it work just right, but I need to experiment with some of his upgrades. Who have you been running?

    As for the buildings, those are resin Armorcast kits. I cannot in good conscience recommend Armorcast as a supplier, but if you find a 3rd party with lots of stock, have at it.

    Again with the Nova crew though... First it was the narrative 40k, now it's Malifaux... I really do wish I could make your event again, but it's just so damned close to the start of a new school year!

  3. I'm interested in the cobblestone roads: Where did you get those?

  4. Dirial: The road sections are also from Armorcast.

  5. I picked up the Misaki ten thunders box, so I've been running a ninja kung-fu crew, which is pretty fun. I've only played a couple games so far though.

  6. Owen: Her rail golem is a great model. That whole crew looks great; lots of motion. I need to get around to working on some Ten Thunders models.

  7. what did you think of the new crew sculpts? I was torn because I wanted maybe one of two models out of several different crews. the new papa loco model was delicious. same with the sorrows and nicodemus

  8. Matt: The new sculpts are delicate to work with, and overall a bit more "slight" than the previous ones. That said, there is a great deal of motion in the new models, and I LOVE the new art direction. It really appeals to my style. As far as sculpts I do not like, the new Perdita seems off to me, especially considering how slick the original sculpt is. I also prefer my Leveticus to the new one.

    I really dig the new game. It seems balanced, clear, characterful, and above all fun.

    I haven't had fun playing a tabletop game in some time.