Sunday, September 1, 2013

Daemon Prince Conversions x 3

If Giger, Lovecraft and Tolkein went to Vraks.

This weekend, between other projects, I whipped-up three flying Daemon Princes.  The base of these conversions, was the Balrog kit GW produces.  After removing the "flames", and replacing the gaps with sculpted putty, I worked out this head treatment:

This is a combination of bits from the Dryad kit for the Cthulhu tentacles, as well as the knee-guard from a Dust model for the helmet.  Also included, is the increasingly-mandatory Maulerfiend tentacle.  I experimented with an etched-brass logo on the front of the mask, but I think the models works better without it.

I posed all three a bit differently, for variation.  I armed them with pistol-mounted hades autocannons.  Think of it as a representation of psychic potency.

Again, these models were a "break" project this weekend.  Between working with resin and putty on my Malifaux board, I would run through a few steps on these guys.  For an "accidental" project, I am happy with how this trio came out.

All in all, it has been a productive summer.  Now I just need to finish that Malifaux in time for Halloween...


  1. Absolutely love those models! I just did my first Daemon Prince kit bash last night using spare maulerfiend parts. Your work is very inspiring. Keep the awesome pics coming!

  2. Lovely.

    In a deamonic sort of way.