Sunday, August 18, 2013

Vraksian Iron Warriors: Wrapping Up

A hobby filled weekend sees this project draw to a close.

After some consultation, I worked with painter's tape to produce the hazard stripe effect I had been working on.  After applying the carefully measured tape to the sides of the tanks, I used a drybrush/dapple technique to create an aged and worn black, to match the rest of the weathered model's appearance.

After removing the tape, I sponged on a blend of dark brown wash and metallic, with a light touch, to give the appearance of chipping paint along the most worn areas of the stripes.  After this dried, I washed the entire area with a sepia to unify both black and yellow.

This effect is used across all six tanks, with the location of each hazard striped portion, coinciding with the unit designed to be transported.


Unfortunately, the painter's tape I was working with became a bit fickle at the 28mm scale.  I was forced to freehand the hazard stripes on my infantry shoulderpads.  I used the same technique here, as I did with the tanks, but the striping was quite a bit slower... While by no means perfect, I am extremely happy with the results:

Sorry about the blur here, but the model on the far right is a good example of the sponged mettalic/brown wash used for a chipping effect.

I have seen far worse freehand, in GW books.  What a relief to be done with this!

 Here is the Dark Apotheosis Daemon Prince all painted.  Better pics to come; I am a bit exhausted after a long day of hobbying:

Here are the Spawn and Warpsmith.  I really like that 3rd edition chaos spawn model.

An assortment of six objective markers.  The round cog looking bits are from Hellcannon kits, while the others are made from chaos icons and scale brass barbed wire.

I even caution striped the army transport!  Luckily, after cutting lots of foam, I can successfully fit the entire 2k point army into this KR multicase.  Using my old X-Board mobile army tray, I think I may have finally developed an army I could travel with.

While not very exciting, the X-Board breaks down to fit in a backpack, with room to spare for all of my gaming supplies. 

I do need to get another engraved plackard for the set...  And to that end, I will need a formal name for the army.  I am working on it.

Thanks for the help and encouragement!


  1. Nothing short of amazing. The way you tackle entire armies at once is a talent! This army must be a sight to behold. What's amazing is you now have this huge, fluffy, collection of armies. Vrax militia, chaos space marines and hordes of zombies. One day you must play a mega-game...but I don't think you'll find an opponent with an army of the same magnitude and quality.

  2. Tim: Thanks man! I would love to get in an apocalypse siege of Vraks game. There are a few other bloggers who built crazy Chaos armies, and I'd love to team-up. If only for the photo op!

  3. I dip into teninchtemplate from time to time. Your work is fabulous and armies amazing.

    Accepting that transport one or the other might be a bit of a problem, I'd love a fight - using the minis of course.

  4. Love it, and I'm very jealous of all the old school Raiders! :)