Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vraks WIP: Reports from The Front

 The Iron Warriors learn a thing or two about weathering.

The last few days have involved some serious weathering, of the acrylic variety.  Take a look at the side of this tank, and I'll reveal my recipe:

My basic process for this effect, starts with black primer.  A base wetbrushing of Leadbelcher (dark iron metallics), followed by a rust treatment of browns, orange and ruddy brown, in that order.  This is applied around details, such as rivets or rust runoffs.  I then sponge the Leadbelcher onto the rust spots, to break-up the color with the randomness of a torn sponge (pluck foam has a purpose!).  After, I wash the entire area with Agrax Earthshade (some Devlan Mud brown/green/black wash).  After the wash dries, I use the Leadbelcher to drybrush anywhere light would catch, such as high ledges and corners.  Lastly, I spot wash purple ink into the natural shadows and recesses.  This is not my finished treatment, as I have etched brass, acrylic bronze, weathering pigments and verdigris to apply.  This is just a summary of my basic weathered metal treatment.

 I know that "non-metallic metals" are the rage, but honestly, this treatment is the most realistic "patina" system I have encountered.  Sure, it is sloppy and messy, but with a clean, crisp finishing application of details and spot colors, I feel as though such a color treatment communicates a depth and variety of color, akin to a Monet painting, while allowing for a care-free and natural application.

 This unfortunately blurry photo depicts the chaos spawn I plan to run counter to the dark apotheosis rogue trader chaos dread daemon prince conversion.  Wow, that is a ton of words.

Lastly, I got in a game at Time Warp Comics and Games last week.  I played a local Tau player:

I ran a 300+ model Chaos Daemons/Imperial Guard list.  Sadly, we rolled kill points, so I had to blob-up my infantry.  My opponent was more than capable of meeting my horde of models with a plethora of shots.  He tabled me by turn 4 sadly, but I had a blast.  I am not really sure that I "play" 40k any more, so much as lose with absurd army lists, but I have fun.  I hope my opponents don't mind the "easy win" I provide, but I hope I at least present a unique gaming opportunity, with unique lists and models.

There is a reason that complaints about the rules of 40k, have never bothered me.  I think I am in this hobby for different reasons.

Says the guy running 6 land raiders.


  1. Defto mate - for me it's all about the painting and collecting. I do play, but loose most of the time!!

  2. Painting and collecting here as well. It is nice to get a game in now and then just to push some models around. Love the way the IW are coming out.