Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vraksian Maulerfiend Conversions

Anatomical industrialization, with bass guitar string, putty, and hate.

I didn't love the Maulerfiend kit. The exhaust ports running along the back of the beast were a bit too silly for me, as were all of the excessive spikes. Clipping and filing quickly followed. With some drilling, and some cable and bass guitar wire, I was able to channel some porcupine in profile.  I puttied over the center set of arm/leg sockets, and smoothed the putty to match the metal ribcage.

 The standard kit is in a somewhat static pose, so conversion work was in order.  In the photo above, you can see a variety of poses, of the same modeled leg bit.  By sawing the leg in a few places, re-pinning the joints, and re-sculpting the muscles with some putty, I have a handful of different poses to work with.

 I made similar alterations to the forearms.  At this point in the build, I did not have a clear direction for posing.  I just knew that I should use these varied limbs, with modeled bases that complimented the pose.  How wrong could I go?

 The "dino-bot" standard head for the Maulerfiend kit, is not my style.  I wanted my daemon engines to be a less literal translation of the classic "fantasy beast", and more of a representation in spirit.  Instead of jaws, I used the seismic hammer from an Ironclad.  Instead of breathing fire, I added the magma cutter bits at an evil angle.  I would think that hitting the side of a fortification with a pair of super blow-torches, combined with a massive drill, would leave a dent.

 Broken cork is such a useful tool.  The same can be said for jamming anything you can find, under your glue-fuming conversion, for support.


 In this pic, you can see the finished head, the loping pose, the "fetish tubing" fishing line, and some bent plastic I-Beam.

The bases need to be detailed before priming, and I have an etched brass collar I will be laying over the rear-portion of each head, but the models are largely assembled.  Full disclosure:  I watched Ghostbusters just before working on these models, and I think the ghost-gargoyle-dogs in the film influenced my finished product.  Regardless, a kit that I once disliked, is now represented by a trio of models with distinct personalities.


  1. Great Stuff! Like these a lot. Very original, but could easily be Iron Warriors constructs!

    btw... in light of new Apoc, maybe a blog name change to 15in template is in order?? :)

  2. Siph: Glad you like them! As for the name change, I would like to think my blog's title is a bit of a Nine Inch Nails pun. Good call on the Apoc, though.

    TheGunGrave: Thanks!