Monday, July 8, 2013

The Agony of Hordes

 Where is my back-brace when I need it?

Earlier this week, my friend Jorge came over for a game, and I was able to give my horde Lost and the Damned army some practice. 

I won't bore you with the details of the game; all you need to know, is that Tau firepower, is not afraid of hordes.  While I didn't get tabled, it was uncomfortably close to a 250+ casualty massacre.  I think I killed some drones.

I did find the deployment and movement phases of the game to be fairly tedious.  Perhaps it was the summer heat, perhaps it was the inevitable demise of my models, as they marched towards a Tau firebase.  Either way, I had a great time.  I think this was the 3rd game of Warhammer this year, so I am sure that with practice, I could move my mini-monster-men even faster.  But then that means practicing, and honestly, paintbrushes and modelling tools are more of a natural fit in my hands, than dice.

Two hour and fifteen minute tournament games...  not exactly my version of a tabletop miniatures game.

Time for some reflection.


  1. Same issue I have with my nids in a tourney setting; it's back-breaking, or slow-playing, and sometimes both.

    Absolutely loving 6 eldar skimmers and some swooping hawks right now ...

  2. Ouch! Hordes do hurt. Though it's pretty amazing that you've been able to paint them all.

  3. Damn! That's a horde! A long time that I have a look at your work without saying anything (I'm very shy) but I really enjoy your work each time I look at it. It's exactly how I imagine renegades, massive crowd of weird people, all equipped with different weapons and stuff. And I really like the colors you chose for them.
    Great job!

  4. looks awesome! You REALLY need some movement trays though- imagine if you could move them in 10s, that would only be 25 things to move instead of 250!

  5. i wouldn't base too much opinion on an end to end battle like that. Tau thrive on that deployment type, while you suffer from it. perfect match-up for him.

  6. Wow!! That's a horde! This is exactly how I imagine renegades, huge crowd of heterogeneous people.
    I really like the colors you chose for those ones. Truly inspirational.

  7. Mike: I think I need a personal trainer for 40k, to get me practicing my movement phase reps.

    Tim: Painting that many models, conveyor belt style, may have been a mistake. I lost my mind at some point.

    Knight: If I could figure out how to make movement trays for that many models, while still being able to move around scenery, I would have already done it.

    Atreides: Did I mention it was night-fight during turn one?

    PLX: Glad you like the models! Since the beginning, the black and white art in the "Lost and the Damned" and "Slaves to Darkness" supplements have been my inspiration. I am pretty satisfied with the set of models, as I feel as though something that has been fermenting in my mind for the last two decades, has finally been represented in real-space. Not enough renegade IG out there, if you ask me. That's all you ever hear about in the novels, but somehow, not so much on the table.

  8. As someone else trying to do what you have done (I'm only on 60 of the blighters s far!), this blog has beena real inspiration and a greatly reassuring find that it *is* going to be possible.

    My (impossible) dream would be an apocalypse game between a bunch of infantry heavy IG armies, one side loyalists, the other renegades.

    Keep up the great work :)