Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vraksian Iron Warriors Build Phase

 A quick build of some 30k conversions, to finish-up my absurd Siege of Vraks army.

I am loving these "chaos skull heads" I ordered from Puppets War.  They make a perfect Aspiring Champion upgrade, and add to the "Steel Brethren" feel to the models.

The model above, was intended to be an homage to the rogue trader era of space marine poses.  For whatever reason, the old plastics were all hunched-over, with their bolter pointed almost down to the floor.  While I did not pose this figure as drastically, I hope hobbyists as old and crotchety as me will get the reference.

Again, loving these Puppets War heads.

This old-timey Iron Armor is suitably clunky.

The segmented nature of this 30k armor should make for an interesting profile.

While I did use the Chaos Terminator weapon sprue for the weapons, I did some serious surgery on the bits.  Too many chaos spikes and skulls and stuff.  I want this army to be closer to a pre-heresey force, than the kind of models the recent Dark Vengeance set came with.  Too much chaos detail.

Now that the helldrakes, maulerfiends and infantry are finished, I just need to tidy up these tanks, and get to priming.  While I hope to finish two gaming boards this summer, getting this collection built and primed would be good enough progress, to be honest. 

Now, does anyone know how I am going to drill out lascannons that have oval barrels?  I'd love some ideas.  At the moment, I am simply considering drilling several small holes, then linking them with an exacto knife.  I am a bit concerned that the aged, yellow plastic of these land raiders, circa 1980 something, will disintegrate or shatter when the bit goes in.

Thanks again for the assist!


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy god where did you get SIX LR Proteus?!?

    I was happy with my one, now I want more, haha.

    You may want to consider getting some plasticard tube and cutting it to fit against the LR lascannon as the hole the laser comes out from, that would allow you to avoid drilling.

  2. Ian: You can get the OOP plastic RT model on ebay, for about half the cost of the forgeworld version. At least, you could last summer when I was stalking them on the auction site. In fact, I think I paid around ~45 pre-shipping for each of them, so that's even cheaper than the new GW LR kits.

    To me, what is far more artful, is fitting all six in a 2k point list.

    1. Haha I was just thinking, gee I wonder if this is for apocalypse :) Its doable with min-size termie squads, but its definitely constraining the rest of the list.

      I've got one (via ebay last summer, I haven't seen many on there recently) for Typhus/Mutilators painted for my Death Guard, I definitely am planning to get 2 more for berzerkers (to paint Red Corsairs style), but subject to availability lol. I've also been working on some deimos rhino stuff. I converted a GW rhino too be a nurgle deimos, and am now working on a scratchbuild. If it works out, I may start a pre-heresy force finally lol.

    2. (Also did a scratchbuild of a proteus last year, it worked out well enough, I think they need moulded treads though, so I'm going to use Blood and Skulls industries for enough to maybe make another :) )

  3. Loving those builds, man - good stuff!

    I had to chuckle, those two World Eater Land Raiders used to be mine! :)

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  4. Mordian7th: While I can't help the fact that I will be repainting your models (Goliath and Blade of Fury), I can assure you they will continue to serve Chaos. =D

  5. Man they're really cool conversions!