Monday, November 19, 2012

No Mercy for the Masses

The Lost and the Damned reach critical mass.
Superstorm Sandy took away my electricity, so I passed the daylight hours building models.  The result:

That's about 400 Lost and the Damned models, including tons of plague zombies, four full IG blob squads, fifteen heavy weapon teams, and an aegis defense line. 

I plan to run this modified Saber Defense platform as my quad gun. 

Priming and basecoats:

After priming these models black, I airbrushed purples and greens almost randomly, so that when my colors are built up, there is a bit more variation than just the uniform black primer.  I am in a tricky position, where I need the horde of mutants and heretics to be both varied, yet carry a similar tone. 

Either way, I'm having a blast with this project.  I know it is going to be backbreaking to use such a horde in a game, but it should certainly be epic!


  1. Damn, that's incredible! I don't wanna be in your position, i.e. have to paint these hordes of Chaos.

    Wish you best luck and that you find a decent way to paint them.

  2. if anyone actually manages to table you, you should have some kind of trophy handy for them :)

  3. I was proud of myself for getting 60 painted, but im feeling suitably humbled now!

    Looking forward to seeing them all painted!

  4. With that many minis on the table, it looks like Epic!!!

  5. Gah! 400! I thought I was mad!

    @Da Masta Cheef: You're not wrong!

  6. You are a crazy person... Really truly insane. Can't wait to see the army when it is finished. Really crazy man, but really inspiring! Keep up the good work...

  7. just found your blog, wow!

    You need movement trays bad!