Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monster Mash!

All kinds of converted Lost and the Damned models!

With Frankenstorm mere moments from severing my connection to the blogosphere, I thought I would throw out a WIP update on my current progress.  The Daemon Prince above is the completed Decimator project I began last month, but my real focus lies elsewhere...

I am currently elbow-deep in converted "Lost and Damned" models, with a healthy supply of Testor's glue for plastic models being pumped into my hobby room.  I will be priming around 250 models after the storm, so I have plenty of time to base and finalize the figures during the blackout I expect.  Here are some samples:

 This Beastman is an IG infantry sergeant, with Ork arms to provide a "Power Axe" and pistol.  I made 20.  The next few shots are samples of the 200 "Lost and the Damned" models I assembled, each of which is to be run as a simple IG Infantry soldier.  While the horde is armed with a mixture of equipment, I plan to count the entire horde as simple being armed with lasgun stats.  At least 190 of the 200 have been converted in some way, combining bits from kits such as Chaos Spawn, Ungor, Ork, Chaos Marauder, Ghoul, Imperial Guard Command and Flagellants.  I also made sure to drill out the barrels on all of the autoguns and pistols.

 Like I said, 200 infantry.  I can't wait to see this swarm clogging up a board...

 Commissar Slender, who used to be a Steel Legion figure.

 I never liked the Typhus model, so I am going to run with this Forge World herald of Nurgle instead.  That rusty power-fist looking thing can serve as a manreaper in a pinch!  Either way, 210 plague zombies are next in the pipeline...

 Another command model from Forge World.  I made a point to base these important, yet moderately-sized figures on some cork.  This should help to make the command characters and commissars easier to spot while among an unruly horde of chaos mutants.
Here's an old female Commissar model I found.  If I can't undo the 2nd edition female physique through painting, I plan to throw a gas mask on her. 

I hope you enjoy the pics.  This Lost and the Damned contingent of my Vraksian Militia has been a long time coming, and the Chaos Cultist sprue made it possible to create such a horde, on the cheap side.

As you can see, I have my hands full.  I'm not sure if I can model by candlelight, but I will certainly try. 


  1. Great, look forward to seeing them with paint! Good luck and stay safe!

  2. You are a nut... a Nut! I say. It will be an inspiring army when completed. Keep up the good work.

  3. That is a lot of models to paint. I don't think I'll ever start a new army and certainly not a horde army just because I paint too slow and meticulous. Perhaps I should drink more when I paint...