Saturday, December 8, 2012

Knee Deep in the Dead

Doomed to paint hundreds of chaos cannon fodder, the mind boggles.

I find myself truly stuck-in with my current project.

 The flesh treatment has been applied across many different types of models.  The Bestigor Sergeants are looking menacing already:

Mantic's zombies, in my opinion, blow GW's minis away.

This is the Typhus stand-in I am working on.  I would like to make this Cardinal Xaphan, the apostate religious leader responsible for the rebellion on Vraks.  The colors of his hood remain to be selected, but I am considering making it something regal...

I am probably about %40 of the way through %30 of the collection at the moment.  I broke the set into groups, depending on the base-coats and primary color treatments, in an effort to streamline the work. 

Looking at 400 models at once, can make a person re-evaluate the process.


  1. lol, looking good so far. Glad you decided to break it up. 400 at once was a bit insane... not saying that you are not insane... just saying... lol.

  2. Love it man! I want that Nurgle guy to use as a Typhus too... Crap I hate you haha.