Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trouble Brewing

Looks a bit like 120 Genestealers.

Combined with a pile of resin "xenomorph" heads, custom Giger-style bases, and the airbrush that just arrived at my door, it certainly seems like something is happening.  It would be nice to greet the new rule set with a virgin army.

Let's just hope 6th edition doesn't kill off the game.


  1. oh wow..... I am very much looking forward to this. :D

  2. The Alien films, especially the first two, were a large part of the appeal of 40k. My first GW purchase, was a box of 10 pewter/lead genestealers, due to the similarity of theme. While I did go on to build a 2nd ed tyranid army, I painted it when I was 14, so I see no problem in returning to my roots.

    This time, I do it right. Wait till I post the alien queen...

  3. I might just be weird, but I am more impressed by the 90s era Rhino box lid they are sitting in... ;)

    Looking forward to seeing this army come together.

  4. Been moping a bit after seeing zero nids at adepticon; this considerably brightens my day!