Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Battle for Salvation 1 Day Event

The good people of Battle for Salvation, located in White Plains, NY, are holding a 1 day event on April 28th! 

I am not sure if I can make it personally, which is a shame, as BFS events are run quite well.  Here is the release, as it was passed to me:

The battle for Salvation club will be having a 3 round 40k Tournament on april 28th.

Doors open 10 am games start at 10:30

3 rounds

Models must be Wysiwyg and 3 color minimum. There will be paint judging.

1750 points.

Standard codexes no forgeworld

Missions will be slight variations of book missions.

2 hour rounds

4 copies of your army list using either an army building program, excell or typed.
pre submittal of lists can be sent to zedsdeadtwl@yahoo.com

$20 entry fee which can be paid at the door

Plenty of Prizes

We will also be giving out a full pass ticket (includes GT and skirmish tournament ticket value $75 +) to the Battle for Salvation GT on Oct 5,6,7th to the overall winner and a GT ($60+) ticket to 2nd place.

- Address is new so anyone who has been at our RTT's before please take note of change of venue.
Our new club address is at the West Harrison Rec Center:

251 Underhill Avenue
West Harrison NY 10604


We have room for 26 players so please email me at zedsdeadtwl@yahoo.com to reserve a spot.

Ed Miller

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