Sunday, December 11, 2011

Long Range Support

I painted up these Manticores last weekend, and had an opportunity to test them out this Thursday.  I have to say, I now understand why people use them.

Naturally wanting to get the most out of the three Manticore kits used, I bought a few extra bits from ebay to allow for the rockets to be swapped out for the deathstrike missle. 

I enjoyed the opportunity to return to painting my Vraks schemes and colors, and have found more projects on my desk for the traitor IG.  I am now working on some demolition veterans, as well as 8 more heavy weapons teams, and two penal legions.  While this involves neglecting a few other projects, I feel like I should follow the Vraks inspiration for now. 

After all, I don't think I will ever regret having too much IG..


  1. Having faced manticores, I'm glad I run a foot list that sticks close to the board edge. About 50% of the missiles scatter off the table, thank god. I like how the missile look like bullets, the way you've painted them.

  2. Hey fella, as the man with a list you played not long ago (ph world eaters ( 3 land raider guy)), I gotta say those mantibullshits allow you to play a different game than than the standard leafblower . I stand by the 2 Hydra swap for 1 manticore if possible. But I learned a valuable lesson that day. Don't stand and shoot as av 14 wont last long enough, eventually your manticores come though. Oh and they look great .

  3. Greatest Imperial Guard vehicle ever...