Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Conflict GT, purple paint, and camp.

The Conflict GT is this coming weekend, so if you are in the New York area, you best represent! 

The Conflict GT was a blast last year, and I expect nothing less this time.  There are sure to be a ton of beautiful models to check out, and I hope to have some photos to share after the event.

As for my own painting, I have been working on my Emperor's Children at the moment.  Line-highlighting six land raiders is a bit time consuming, but I enjoy the variation from my typical "gritty" paint schemes.  I am painting the whole collection "assembly-line style".  Here is a pic to display the level the whole army has been brought to at this point:

I have also begun the processes of organizing components to convert up some vehicles for my old Necrons.  After watching the army played, and reading a bit more of the hype, I have decided to make my own collection playable.  I have a ton of models already painted, so it shouldn't be more than a dozen or so vehicles to add.  I personally do not like the "Tomb Kings in Space" feel of the new models, so I have been working to find a more interesting visual style to pair with my 2nd ed models.  I started with four of these beauties for Ghost Ark conversions:

You may recognize those from Voltron, as the coffins that Robeasts were deployed in.  I plan to use this casket to replace the "passenger" and "boat" portion of the GW Ghost Ark model, but keep the pilot and gauss guns.  I think the visual impact will match the "techno-80's" feel of those original necron raider models, while keeping a similar profile to the original model.

As for Stalkers, I am currently using lengths of drain-snake coil to create "war of the worlds" style tripod legs for these fantastic 50's sci-fi models:

These flying saucer models even include a cockpit with a glass bubble, perfect for displaying a necron pilot tapping away on multicolored buttons.  Add the mandatory heat-ray, and the conversion is complete.

I will post pics of the conversions as they come along, but in the immediate future, I plan on plowing through this Emperor's Children project.  Six tanks and thirty-one infantry shouldn't take TOO long.  Especially not with those sweet flying saucer models giving me the eye...

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