Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Skaven Hekatrix Update: Tiny Drill Bits = Tiny Holes

After receiving the 0.022" drill bits in the mail from my father, my "blast pistols" look a bit more functional.

The trick with using drill bits the thickness of hair, is finding a chuck that can hold them.  After finding both my hobby pin vise and GW pin vise far too clumsy to grip the minuscule bit solidly, I wound up getting inventive.  I used my exacto blade holder to grasp the bit, as this was able to be tightened down to a closed "x". 

After a VERY slow and steady process, I drilled out the four barrels on all five of my Hekatrix models.  With this time-consuming act, I have officially finished constructing the infantry for my "Kabal of the Fursaken".  While it is true that these Hekatrix models should have grenades and modified combat drug injectors like the rest of my Wyches, I am on the fence about adding them.  I think that the conversions I have done for these Hekatrix models are pretty cool, and I think that adding a grenade-pack to each belt, and a canister and injector tube may make the model "too busy", and wind up looking more like a pile of bits glued together.  As I have said before on this blog, I think that one very real danger in converting Warhammer miniatures, is adding too many bits.  Because my army is "counts-as", I obviously want to keep everything as WYSIWYG as possible, but I think that with a unified paint scheme, it is possible to make it clear that these models are part of my Wych squads, while allowing the present level of conversions stand-out.  I would be interested in the opinions of others concerning this.

One small step for rat, one giant leap for... whatever.  I need to get back to working on my Reaver jetbikes.  Unfortunately, as I tried to fit the stormvermin bodies into the cockpit of each vehicle, I found that I still have some dremmel work to do.

Time to find my goggles, and descend to the basement once again...


  1. I suggest modeling up both(grenades and combat drug injector) and blue tacing them in place, take a few pics and post them up. Only way to know how it will look is to build it.

  2. That's some dedication you have to the cause. When barrels get that slow, I resort to a black dot on the end. Using the exacto blade shaft to hold small bits is worth a shot though; thanks for the tip!

  3. Tordeck: You are right, I should just tack some bits on and see how I feel about them.

    Warhammer39999: Glad the Exacto re-purposing was a helpful idea. As for black dots, I have more than my fair share of such barrels, but honestly, a tiny bit of drilling really can make all the difference.

  4. Looks fantastic! Any chance you'd be up for selling this army when all the modelling is done? Providing the price is right? If so, let me know; we must talk. ;)