Friday, February 4, 2011

Building a Gaming Table

Having a space to game at home is liberating.  No longer constrained by the hours a game shop keeps, or the possibility of a CCG-tainted environment, your games take on a far more leisurely atmosphere.

I have written a fairly detailed account of my own experience concerning the fabrication of a gaming table.  Why aren't you reading it right now?  Because it is posted over at Blood of Kittens.  TasteyTaste, the creator of the Blood of Kittens network, has asked me to publish hobby articles for his website, so I have decided that one of my weekly TenInchTemplate articles can be posted over there.  Considering the content of Blood of Kittens, and the other writers on the site, I personally do not see this partnership as "selling out", but more like mutual support.

Anyway, go check out my gaming board walk-through.  And when you are done, check out some of the other articles on the Blood of Kittens network.  I have been eating my lunch with Blood of Kittens up on my browser for a long time.

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  1. I agree, a home gaming table is essential. My club games in my basement and I have 2 full tables and a 3rd part timer. I have enough terrain for forest, city fight, desert, and snow tables. With that you can set up the night before, leave for lunch, even continue an APOC game overnight. Its the best!