Friday, April 5, 2013

Malifaux and Terraclips

Here are a few examples of Malifaux gaming boards made out of Terraclips terrain sets.  As a stylish and modular system for devolping play space, I cannot say enough positive things about the product line.

This "manor" style board was easy to plan and assemble.  This board consists of several sets combined, including the Streets of Malifaux, Buildings of Malifaux, Sewers of Malifaux as well as one or two items from the Dungeonrise line.  I especially like the picket fence sections:

The scenario we played with this board involved objectives randomly placed in both the cemetery area, as well as an indoor library.  I know it sounds like an advertisement, but the possibilities truly are endless.

A parting shot of Seamus and his undead ladies of the night, prowling through territory that belongs to Rasputina the Ice Witch...  I think this didn't end well for Seamus.

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