Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lost and the Damned WIP

400 Lost and the Damned models, painted assembly-line style all at once, perhaps %80 complete.  That is to say, all of them are %80 complete.

 This wall and gun platform have been weathered and marked.

A generous number of head-swaps over the entire set, make it far less likely to see repeated models.  Even if only by profile.  An illusion of variety, through variety.

A tentacle arm here and there provides an opportunity to display more of the contrasting flesh treatment.  The lenses on this gas mask, received a four step process, that I had to repeat over some 80 models.

The bandaged right forearm allows for some interesting hand swaps.  A touch of red wash to the transition point forgives imperfections in the pinned location, but also gives the model an air of desperation.  I made many such modifications. 

 Armor plate for a shield.

Cardinal Xaphan.

The heavy weapon teams were an opportunity to get creative.

The bases are unpainted on the entire collection.  I need to divide them up by any special treatments they require, as I have added barbed-wire and industrial debris throughout.  Luckily, the final deep-red soil treatment not only can afford to be a bit messy, but must be so to communicate the environment.  


  1. Love that mortar team at the end, great idea!!

  2. I love this army. But the Mortar team has to be the jewel on the crown for me.

  3. Glad you guys like the mortar team! I have wanted to share that model for some time, but it deserved to have some paint on it for the first showing. I do have some 14 other heavy weapon team bases worth showing as well...