Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vraksian Work in Progress

Keeping a record of past paint schemes and treatments, can be a real time-saver.

As I work my way through a small collection of models to help bring my Vraksian set in-line with 6th edition, I have had to repeat a paint treatment first developed over two years ago.  Had I been less organized, I may have had a hard time replicated the aesthetic I had achieved so long ago.  Luckily, the recipe, documented here, has been resurrected without much difficulty. Thankfully, I had some reserves from the previous GW paint line to meet my needs.

The following pic was from earlier-on in the weekend progress, but I thought you would like to see that this is not just a one or two model job.  In addition to the Daemon prince, Hydras and Vendetta pictured, I have also been working through a variety of special weapon guardsmen, as well as a primaris psyker.  

I am enjoying a return to the Vraksian collection.  It is one of my personal favorite projects of mine, and it is truly rewarding to continue filling out the ranks. 

As for future projects, I currently have too many land raiders as well as a variety of infantry for a pre-heresy Emperor's Children force.  I also have a pile of broken 1st generation gameboys to convert into annihilation barges, Deathwatch themed purifiers, a pair of Trygons, about 150 of the new cultists, and on and on and on...

Too many models, and not enough time. 

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  1. You bringing this or the Aliens to BFS?

    You've got a lot of vision in that models. It reminds me of a boss in a japanese roleplaing game. :)