Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vraksian Bloodthirster

When all else fails, convert a Forgeworld model.

Yes, it has been a while since I posted here.  I enjoyed my summer vacation, and did very little painting or modeling.  Video games such as Dark Souls and Demons' Souls stole my focus for a few weeks, and reading the 6th edition rule book also consumed my free time.  Plans of allies and fliers have been turning in my head, and only now, have I begun to act.

The model you see above, is my interpretation of a Bloodthirster, fit to lead my Vraksian Militia.  Based on the forgeworld chaos decimator chassis, this model also includes modified claws from a defiler, a jump-pack made from a pair of deathstrike missles, and a gas mask stolen from a Metal Gear Solid "Psycho Mantis" action figure.  The tubes and wires have been pilfered from old bass guitar strings, as well as some jewelers materials.  The base, is from Dragon Forge studios.

Between a trio of Vendettas, this mechanical nightmare and 100 zombies worthy of "plaguebearer" status, I think I have found a way to bring my IG project into 6th edition.

While this is far from the only progress I have made in the last week or so, it is the only pic that I am ready to share.

As always, my aim is to make models and collections that I am interested in, not anything that will necessarily win games.  I think I may have some eyebrow-raising projects in the pipe at the moment.  Stay tuned for more...


  1. I really dig that conversion. Both the gas mask and the rocket pack for wings are awesome. Cannot wait to see it painted!

  2. The gas mask is priceless as are the incredibly over-sized missiles. :)

  3. I love the deathstrikes. Can't wait to see what you do with the Vendettas! (Also, these other projects you're talking about.)

  4. Damn but your posts are always worth the wait.

  5. slipwing: Glad you like the model! It is currently primed, and awaiting the brushes...

    Neil: I wanted to take Boba-Fett's absurd rocket-pack to the next level. Why a jet pack would have a warhead, is beyond me.

    sonsoftaurus: We really do need to get our traitor guard armies together for an apocalypse photo shoot someday. Notice I didn't say apocalypse game. ;)

    Karg: Stay tuned...

    Ghostin: I bet you say that to all the blogs.

  6. Dan, I know my comment's a bit late, but you might want to shy away from too bright a red on that thing, it's really rocking the Khador vibe at the moment.