Friday, June 22, 2012

Alien Tyrant Guard Conversion

Aliens-themed bodyguards with lash whips?  Easy.

Starting with a few extra Tyranid warrior weapon arms and some copper wire, I drilled in the whips:

Bending the wire and a tiny bit of putty, helped to to give the whips with a proper "probe" appearance:

I used the tyranid warrior model for the Tyrant Guard.  The model is mounted with a Ravener head, and some extra Tyranid scales have been puttied into a formidable thorax-shell:

I made three of these to accompany my Alien Queen:

I hope you like the conversions!


  1. Very nice. This is going to be great to see completed!

  2. The collection is complete. I just need to get some nice photos of the whole army together.