Sunday, June 17, 2012

Alien Color Recipe and Results

Here is the color treatment I used on the Aliens project I recently completed. 

I hope this is of some use, if not to be copied, at least to be adapted:

Prime black (P3 Black Spray Primer)

Overbrush turquoise (GW brand Kabalite Green and Nurgling Green)

Airbrush olive green + a drop of pale blue from "top down" (P3 brand Thrall Green and Underbelly Blue)

Light drybrush of middle metallic silver (GW brand Necron Compound)

Water effects + a tiny bit of white over the smooth alien head (Vallejo Still Water and GW Skull White)

Black wash over the claws (Secret Weapon Miniatures brand Black Body Wash)

Bright silver metallic on teeth (GW brand Mithril Silver)

Dip in Army Painter dark

Aside from the base treatments, this is the recipe I used for the creatures.  I recognize that each of the Alien films used a different color palette,  so I tried to base my treatment on the prototype paintings done by H.R. Giger:

  I thought that would be the most "accurate" source material, seeing as how he was responsible for the design of the original Alien.

The models themselves are mid 90's era Genestealers by GW, with Chapterhouse "Xenomorph" heads, and an assortment of Secret Weapon Miniatures"Alien Infestation" bases.  I used about 40 steel decking bases, 40 bases with the alien hive growing over the decking, and 40 pure alien hive bases.

Here is the KR Multicase army carrier that the whole collection fits in:

I have yet to see Prometheus, but my prehensile tongue is flickering with anticipation.


  1. Love it, love it, love it!
    Thanks for the recipe (I'll definitely be adapting it myself).
    Oh and that case is amazing.

  2. don't get your hopes up, the movie is lame! lame!! lame!!!

  3. Really cool! The case takes it to that extra level!

    And the movie was good!

  4. Kevin: Glad you like it. I took a while puzzling over the color scheme. I think the finished product is pretty close to the painting, though. As close as I could get in my time-frame.

    the one: I heard the movie is... different. I won't curse or defend it till I see for myself.

    Black Matt: Thanks for helping me talk through the color scheme at the BFS event. The case works pretty well. Ebay has some nice die-cut stickers, with some pretty specific logos.

  5. I actually enjoyed the movie myself.
    Not crazy amazing but a good watch none the less.
    Its best if you see it for yourself as everyone has their own ideas about it.

  6. Ive had a similar side project going for a while.. I might pinch some of your recipe!
    Very impressed with your execution!

    Very cool!

  7. I'm not saying the idea is original. I mean, GW obviously took inspiration from these films as well. I just, finished the job.