Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hobby Update of the Random Variety

With the winter season quickly approaching, I have been hard at work building and priming.  The damp cold of winter is typically less than ideal priming conditions, so I needed to strike while the iron was still hot.

First up, some news on my heresey-era Emperor's Children.  After completing the build phase of the models, I first used double-sided mounting tape to bond the infantry models to paint-stirring sticks from Home Depot.  I used these sticks to manipulate and angle the models, for a few thin and even coats of black P3 spray primer.  Once this was fully cured, I set the models on a large table, and gave them a "top-down" angled coat of the new Army Painter "Alien Purple", to provide a fast and easy base from which to build.  The primer is a "hormagaunt purple" shade, and should be easy to build highlights from.  The land raiders also took the primer well, and are just begging for some attention...

In other hobby news, I have begun working on a new section of my Vraksian Renegade Militia.  After reviewing my collection, I decided that while I had indeed built a competitive Imperial Guard army, I had not really captured the look and feel of a "Lost and the Damned" force.  To that end, I have written a new 2000 point list that includes two new units.  I think that having platoon commander Chenkov, and two 50 man units of conscripts, could make for a fun army.  I have been building and converting 100 zombies, of the Mantic Games variety, to use as gunless-hordes of cannon fodder.  If you know the special rules that Chenkov has, then you understand that these two units of zombie terror are "without number", meaning that they come on from reserve again any time they are wiped out.  I can choose to "wipe them out" at any point as well, leaving their CC opponents to be blasted by the rest of my army.  So, unlimited bodies of crap.  That are scoring.  Sounds like a Lost and the Damned army to me!  Now honestly, I am not saying this is a good use of points, or even effective in the game, but thematically, I think I have nailed the 2k list.  One last point.  While conscript models are armed with lasguns, I have decided to build all of my zombies without any gear at all.  In-game, I will accept that these units are completely unarmed, and cannot fire any weapons at all.  While it is true I am handicapping myself a bit here, I think the sacrifice is well-worth the theme of an unending horde of worthless walking corpses. 

As for robots, I have certainly seen the new Necron models set to be released in the coming weeks.  I have pre-ordered the codex, and begun cataloging my Necron collection.  At the moment, I have a fully-painted collection of 2nd edition pewter Necron models.  Yes, the ugly ones.  Among other small units, I have 40 warriors, 20 immortals, 12 destroyers, and a ton of scarabs.  I hope to see how my collection will fit into the new codex, and what will need to be updated.  I do have one small bubble of trepidation though, which is that the number of "codex jumpers" may well push me to keep my Necrons in their stasis chamber of my display case.  When the Dark Eldar came out last year, as much as I liked some of the models, I knew that in order to have a Dark Eldar army that would stand out from the pack, I had to convert the hell out of something; Hence my Kabal of the Fursaken.  With the Necrons, I already have a painted army, so I certainly do not plan to build anything new to "stand out".  Who knows, maybe the 2nd edition, ugly pewter models will offer enough character.  Only time, and the power of the new codex, will tell.

On the "event" front, I have two points to cover.  First of all, the Conflict GT is quickly approaching, and so I registered earlier today.  While I am looking forward to the event, the fact that the GT will only be 1750 points has me a bit confused.  I have yet to even decide which of my armies to bring to this event.  I have been involved with the GT circuit for over a year now, but have only ever fielded two of my collections.  I think it may be time to break out some of my older work.  While this means the visual impact and painting scores will suffer, it will allow me to play a variety of lists.  At the moment, I am considering bringing my Epidemius plaguebearer-spam Daemon army, just to serve as a combo-breaker/meta-puncher.  Maybe my ancient Tyranids will make a reappearance.  I just need to find a way to make interesting 1750 point lists...

My final point worth mentioning, is that there have been rumblings of the NOVA 2012 date.  According to MVB's blog, NOVA 2012 will be scheduled for Labor Day weekend.  Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the event due to this weekend's proximity to the beginning of my next school year.  I remember my GT hangover from this past August, and have no intention of starting a school year so blasted.  Luckily (or unluckily), my GT partner, Jorge Ruiz, is also unable to attend on that date.  At least I won't be leaving any of my friends without a roommate! 

Off to my studio, where zombie bits and glue fumes await!

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  1. Pity you won't make it down to DC for NOVA. What about Adepticon? Neat to hear about all your projects. Keep us posted!